Playing with Singles // Swatch Party

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Let’s have a bit of fun shall we? Over the summer I decided to buy some more indie makeup in the shape of eyeshadow singles. I did an installment last February too, but today we are playing with multichromes, duo chromes and glitters by Devinah, Looxi Beauty, Clionadh, JD Glow and Colourpop. Everything that sparkles may not be gold, but a stunning eyeshadow single instead. I will be featuring these in other future content as I want to build a custom palette each month to play with. So stay tuned for that!

Playing with Singles // Swatch Party // Clionadh, JD Glow, Looxi Beauty, Devinah & Colourpop

Products mentioned:

  • Nabla Glasswork (Celestial)
  • Nabla Nereide (Celestial)
  • Nabla Chemical Bond (Bright)
  • Nabla Ground State (Bright)
  • Sidney Grace Tattle Tale (Pressed Pigment)
  • Catrice silver
  • Devinah Pixie palette
  • Devinah Pavonine (Butterfly Multichrome)
  • Devinah Asteria (Galaxy Dust)
  • Devinah Skyla (Galaxy Dust)
  • Devinah Messier (Galaxy Dust)
  • Devinah Menelaus (Butterfly Multichrome)
  • Devinah Thalassic (Butterfly Multichrome)
  • Devinah I’ll be Tender I’ll be Gentle (Shimmer)
  • Devinah I’m Just a Dandelion (Shimmer)
  • Devinah Hydra (Matte)
  • Devinah Remi (Matte)
  • Devinah Everlasting Gobstoppers (Xploders)
  • Devinah Paralucia (Butterfly Multichrome)
  • Looxi Duperstar (Aurora)
  • Looxi High Roller (Metallic)
  • Looxi Omega (Aurora)
  • Looxi Siren of the Sea (Aurora)
  • Looxi Wild Child (Metallic)
  • Looxi Devious (Shimmer)
  • Looxi Noir (Aurora)
  • Looxi Starboy (Aurora)
  • Looxi Aquarius (Aurora)
  • Looxi Foxy Lady (Metallic)
  • Clionadh Stained Glass magnetic palette
  • Clionadh Reflectance (Iridescent Multichrome)
  • Clionadh Grisaille (Glitter Multichrome)
  • Clionadh Forge (Jewelled Multichrome)
  • Clionadh Glow (Glitter Multichrome)
  • Clionadh Oculus (Jewelled Multichrome)
  • Clionadh Tower (Pastel Multichrome)
  • Clionadh Emboss (Glitter Multichrome)
  • Clionadh Elixir
  • Clionadh Fog
  • Clionadh Shroom
  • Clionadh Snowdrift
  • Clionadh Hex
  • Clionadh Calx
  • Clionadh Crystalline
  • Clionadh Nocturnal
  • Clionadh Ursa
  • Clionadh Skylights
  • JD Glow Sin
  • JD Glow Unexpected
  • JD Glow N Sane
  • Colourpop Hungry Ghost
  • Colourpop Fyre
  • Colourpop Light Show
  • Colourpop Overpacked
What singles would you like me to feature first?

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  1. I was really amazed by the Clionadh multichromes – I’ve never seen so much shift in one color! Looxi is cool too. Many of these colors remind me of mermaid scales. I’d like to see something with the multichromes featured so I can see how they actually look on. Great vid!

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