Make Up Revolution Soph Extra Spice eyeshadow palette

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It’s Saturday which means we are having another closer look at an eyeshadow palette. For today’s review, I figured we could have a look at a more affordable option that I think is really good. Say hello to the Make Up Revolution X Soph Extra Spice eyeshadow palette. The Soph palettes by Make Up Revolution are some of the best affordable eyeshadow palettes on the market. I already reviewed the first one, but today we are reviewing its sequel which is just as good if not even a bit better.

Make Up Revolution X Soph // Extra Spice Eyeshadow Palette // Review, Swatch & 3 Makeup Looks

As far as Make Up Revolution goes, this palette is a bit more expensive than their usual palettes. Those retail for a price range between 5 – 10 euros. This one retails for €11.99, but I do feel these are better quality than most MUR eyeshadows I’ve tried and I have tried a ton! From some of the I Heart Makeup/ Revolution chocolate bar palettes to their Flawless range to some of their limited edition ranges. I have tried far and between so I have a good idea of their formula and offerings.

The Packaging

The packaging of this is the first time they did the super shiny tops. You can’t see it in this picture as it would just be too distracting, but the lid of the palette is like a bronze toned mirror. It reflects well of what’s inside as the palette is a very spicy, warm toned palette. So overall this works well together with the shades you get inside which is always a nice bonus. The MUR palettes always come with a huge mirror in the lid and overall no space is wasted on anything other than shadows. That is another thing I appreciate.

The Palette

So let’s have a closer look at the palette. Can you say warmth? But then you also have a couple of neutrals and cool tones. The silver definitely stands out and with wear it is located in the palette it kind of seems to clash as it is surrounded by warm tones. In total you get 11 mattes and 7 shimmers. I love a good shimmer so I prefer it if a palette has a fifty/ fifty split between mattes and shimmers, but I know most people love mattes. So this will be totally up your street if you love mattes and warm tones.

The Shades

I would say that 80% of this palette is warm toned. This palette is filled with oranges, reds, yellows and warm toned golds. It is complemented with warm toned plums and berries, some warm greens and some warm toned neutrals. There are just a handful of cooler tones which are scattered around the palette quite randomly. This kind of throws you off and I find it makes the cool tones disappear. It would have been better if they had been put together in their own little corner. This palette contains enough neutrals to create an everyday looks. Another feature that is easy to overlook because those reds are just screaming at you to be used.

The Swatch

What do you think of these swatches? These are pretty, pretty sweet aren’t they? The silver is definitely a standout shade, but many of those mattes also are good standout shades. Some of the other shimmers are a bit lackluster and the black seems to be more of a satin rather than a true matte black. That is a bit of a let down, because I love a good shimmer that foils well and that can be build up to a blinding intensity.

These shadows blend well, stay put and are very longwearing. In terms of quality these are some of the best that Make Up Revolution have done. These do not feel cheap and this is a palette that can really contend with many high end palettes. I am not sure what they did here, but this formula is one that is excellent. The shades are pigmented, but not overly so that it is difficult to use if you’re a complete novice in makeup.

The Makeup Looks

Look 1: Golds & Greens

You know I love including several looks with my palette reviews. For my first look I went into the greens and golds of the palette. I used some of the warm toned browns on the lower lash line. This look is one that is not the most obvious one to do with this palette, but I love how you have the option. I am missing some good inner corner highlights in this palette though. There isn’t a lot of variety and many of the shades that you might use are a bit dark for the purpose.

Look 2: All the warm tones

Doesn’t this look scream fall? I’m sure I am wearing MAC’s Chili on my lips here because that brown toned red just complements the rest of the makeup perfectly. I went in with some of the red in the crease. The bronzy gold is on the mobile lid and I played with some of the oranges on the lower lash line. If there ever was a sultry look without any browns than it would be this one. As you may know, I am not a huge fan of warm tones, but this is a look I can get down with.

Look 3: Smashing Silver

Last but not least, you may have seen this going. The stand out shade of the palette for me is the silver most definitely. Here I paired it with all of the cool toned neutrals in the palette and some of the pinky shimmers that you can find in the top row of the palette. The result? A neutral look that packs a true punch. On my deepset, slightly hooded eyes, the silver is intense but I like the little peekaboo effect. The silver is vibrant enough to show up well and isn’t too blue, grey or green, but truly that perfect neutral toned silver. This is a silver that makes always any silver pale in comparison.

The Conclusion

The Make Up Revolution X Soph Extra Spice eyeshadow palette is a great, affordable palette that is surprisingly versatile. I was able to pull three very distinct looks out of this palette and what’s even best: it doesn’t break the bank while still packing banging quality. Yes, the Make Up Revolution Extra Spice palette is a good one that I think will do no wrong when you decide to purchase it. I know it is not the newest palette on the market, but it is a solid offering that I think will please many different makeup needs.

What Make Up Revolution palette is your favorite?
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