Catrice Tensational Primer

catrice tensational 10-in-1 dream primer review swatch application makeup look

In the new Catrice line for Fall/ Winter 2019 they have included a new primer. Catrice changes up their line often and I sometimes feel like I have just finished reviewing the previous changes by the time a new product line rolls around. This primer was no different and it is not necessarily the case that the new product is also better than what was previously on offer. So I was curious with this new primer: is it any good? And more importantly: does it deliver on its 10 claims?

Catrice Tensational 10-in-1 Dream Primer // Review, Swatch, Application & Makeup Look

This is the most expensive primer Catrice has ever released. Mostly their primers are under €5. In the new line there are two new primers and both are over €5 with this being the most expensive at €5.99. That does give you a primer that comes with some very bold claims and if this product can deliver on just some of them then this can be a drugstore primer that can compare to some of the best high end primers.

The Packaging

catrice tensational 10-in-1 dream primer review swatch application makeup look

I generally like Catrice’s standard primer packaging. It comes in a basic squeezy tube. For primer this is my favorite as it means you can get to all of the product and it is still hygienic in its use. In total there are 30 mls of product which is standard for most primers. In Catrice’s line there are a few primers that come with half this amount, so in terms of amount of product vs cost per use, this primer does score pretty well.

The Primer

catrice tensational 10-in-1 dream primer review swatch application makeup look

And that higher price point could also be explained because this primer is the first primer by Catrice that promises to do it all. This comes with 10 claims that are boldly spelled out on the front of the tube. This primer should prime and make you makeup last longer. It should hydrate, minimize wrinkles and pores, and have a blurring effect, while at the same time giving a glowing finish that evens out the skintone. On top of that it should protect against pollution, oxidation and UV rays. In short, this primer is making quite the promise and so the question is: does it deliver?

The Swatch

catrice tensational 10-in-1 dream primer review swatch application makeup look

Let’s start by looking at this primer a bit more closeup in a swatch. The first thing we can see is that is a thick, creamy primer, but it isn’t too silicone feeling. When blending it out, you can see that it has a good deal of glow, without looking too shiny. It has a bit of a tint to it that is a bit dark for my fair skin, but when blending it out it disappears and is no longer noticeable on the skin. It feels very hydrating and does blur some fine lines. That is four out of 10 promises it delivers on.

The Application

catrice tensational 10-in-1 dream primer review swatch application makeup look

Once applied to the face, I don’t see a lot of different. It does even out the skin a little bit, but not too much. The effect is very subtle and natural. I don’t have too many noticeable pores so I can’t really judge this product on that claim and it is difficult to tell if this protects against pollution, oxidation and UV rays as those are difficult to detect. I think I can detect a bit of the blurring and anti-wrinkle properties in the sense that I feel this has a bit of a ‘filling’ property that perfects the skin without feeling thick and cakey.

In terms of priming it also gets the job done. This has a thin enough texture that it pairs well with different foundations. I wore this a lot this summer, through heatwaves and heavy humidity and still this primer made my makeup last. Essentially that is what I need a primer to do, along with making my face feel like it is ready for makeup application. This certainly does that. On lazy days, I have applied only this and skipped moisturizer altogether.

My Final Thoughts

catrice tensational 10-in-1 dream primer review swatch application makeup look

Is this Catrice primer worth the money? It most certainly is. I can get over the slightly dark tint this has, but it delivers and the majority of its claims. Most importantly, this primes and makes makeup last all day without feeling heavy or making your makeup look very obvious. If it can do the other things I cannot test to boot, that is only and added bonus. Overall, I am really liking this primer. It doesn’t beat the Fresh It Up Hydrating primer for me as I prefer that a touch more, but I think this is a primer that can do a lot for many different people. If you are looking for a good primer that can do what a high end primer can do for a fraction of the price, then this is the one for you.

What do you think of the Catrice Tensational Dream Primer?

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  1. I don’t use primer because I have terrible skin and whenever I put anything on it, I tend to break out. That said, I’m not totally against wearing primer, because there are times that I need to wear full foundation anyway (such as if I’m doing a photo shoot) And if primer helps, I’m always game to try some. I’ll admit that this Catrice Tensational looks pretty good from your review! Love the make up look in the last pic, btw!

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