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In my current shop my stash I pulled in a highlighter that I had in my stash for months but that I hadn’t yet tried. I am talking about Ofra’s Blisfful. After trying their OG favorite Rodeo Drive and loving it, I decided I needed more Ofra highlighters in my life. Then Beauty Bay did a great sale for Black Friday last year and they did a few of the Ofra highlighter shades in minis. So when I put two and two together, it was a bit of a no brainer and I snatched it. Here are my thoughts.

Ofra Blissful highlighter // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

I didn’t just get the mini because of the price point, but also because I have plenty of highlighters. I know I will never be able to use this up and so I think a mini was better just to try it. Ofra highlighters retail for different price points depending on where you get it. So it is best to shop around. Here in the Netherlands these retail for €28.95 for a full size. On Beauty Bay the full size is €26 and the mini €10.75. The mini is currently out of stock though.

The Packaging

This mini also came in Ofra’s new style of packaging. This is much better than the original style as that was a bit cheap. The plastic was sturdy enough but it definitely looked and felt cheap for such an expensive product. This packaging goes much better with the brand’s aesthetic and products I feel. This mini comes with 4 grams of product and you still get a mirror. A full size has 10 grams, so that would be a better deal if you’d really fallen in love with one particular shade.

The Highlighter

The reason why I got Blissful in a mini is because it looks quite dark in the pan. I cannot find Ofra in store, so I couldn’t swatch this before trying it. It is described as a rose gold and while I love rose gold eyeshadow, in most complexion products it is way too dark on my skin. Oh boy was I wrong about this. With Ofra highlighters I have been so pleasantly surprised by the amount of back pigment these have. Yes it has a bit of a color to it, but mainly these are just shine!

The Formula

Can you see what I mean? Yes, this is the same product! While there is a darkish back pigment to this, the shine on this is sublime. Ofra highlighters are a true gel to powder texture and therefore have a soft but very fragile formula. These highlighters can break quite easily, so you do have to be careful with it. Definitely not one to casually chuck in a bag when you are traveling, but more a product you use at home at your vanity.

The Swatch

BAM! Is that a stunning highlight or is that a stunning highlight? Again, that dark rose gold base to the shade is throwing this off majorly. It is the shine that matters most on this. This blends in like a dream and this is the kind of highlighter that is definitely NOT for the feint of heart. This is the type of highlighter that you can see from space as all Ofra highlighters do. These are not the kind of highlighter that you wear on a natural makeup day for sure.

The Swatch

I do have to apologize how tame this highlighter looks in this before and after picture. It is definitely a lot more shiny, but I have curtains that act as a natural filter which is great for makeup pictures in general, but not great for showing the effect of highlighters. As you can see, this looks quite cool toned once you blend it into the skin. It is definitely less dark looking than in the swatch and the pan. It goes on smoothly. I love using quite a dense brush to apply this to the face and it makes for a very pretty glow. Definitely check out some of my upcoming videos if you are curious to see what this looks like when it catches the light when you move.

My Final Thoughts

I was so pleasantly surprised by the Ofra highlighter in Blissful. It looked so dark and not perfect for my skin tone, but like Rodeo Drive it ended up looking very flawless on my skin. It is not an everyday highlighter and packs a major punch, so that has to be your cup of tea. But if you like that sort of thing, this is a perfect highlighter to add to your collection. Even if you are fairskinned like me.

Do you have an Ofra highlight favorite?
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