Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Bronzer

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When I went shopping in Paris over the summer, I of course had to go to Sephora and I had quite a wishlist. On that wishlist? Fenty Beauty’s Inda Sun bronzer. I had heard lots of great reviews about this bronzer and so I wondered: is this bronzer as good as everyone says it is? I decided to pick it up and put it to the test on my fair, dry skin.

Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Inda Sun // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

This is only the second product I have tried by Fenty. Rihanna’s makeup line first started with foundations, but since those were a matte finish I wasn’t very intrigued. Her new hydrating foundation has piqued my interest for sure, but at first it was the highlighter and bronzer that drew me in. This bronzer is definitely more on the high end side of things: it retails for €31.

The Packaging

Before we get into it, let’s just admire this gorgeous hexagonal compact. Isn’t she a beaut?! All of Fenty’s powder products come in this shaped packaging and I think it is very clever. It stands out instantly and is very iconic to the brand. Since then other brands have started copying the shape which is a bit of a shame, but Fenty was there first (well actually H&M was first, but they didn’t apply it to their entire line, just their amazing blushes). The lid is made of a shiny bronze looking top which attract finger prints like there is no tomorrow. So for this picture I definitely had to give it a wipe down.

The Bronzer

Next we need to discuss some other aspects of this bronzer and why I was intrigued. It comes in 8 different shades, meaning there is something for everyone. I like how Fenty is always so inclusive with their shades! The compact comes with a gorgeous mirror too, but what it doesn’t come with is a whole lot of product.

When I checked this the other day, I noticed how this bronzer comes with just 6.23 grams of product. For comparison: The Becca Sunlit bronzer retails for €38.76 and comes with 7.1 grams of product. That is still a bit more expensive, but when you look at cost per use then the Fenty actually comes down to a similar price point. That makes this one very expensive bronzer. Bronzers usually come with a lot more product than these two!

The Product

What you simply can’t deny though is how gorgeous this looks. Not just in the pan, but also on the skin this is hands down one of the best bronzers I’ve tried. Especially if you are fair like me, bronzer can be tricky. It quickly looks orange, muddy or like you’ve applied dirt all over your face. Not like a bronzy healthy glow, which is what we’re after. Not only is this bronzer light enough, it also blends in easily and is very natural looking on the skin.

The Swatch

You can already see straightaway when you swatch this that this bronzer is one that will be easy to blend. It has a very nice blurring effect on the edges, even in a full on finger swatch like this one. The shade is definitely light enough for a fairer skin tone and I am sure that this is a bronzer I could year round. Even in the winter this wouldn’t be too dark and in the summer time it would still have enough color for a healthy glow. It is definitely a matte bronzer though so in terms of glow, don’t expect too much. What it will do, is add a good bit of color to your face.

The Application

Whenever I try a bronzer I like to include some before and afters. With this bronzer I felt the effect on the cheek isn’t too noticeable. This is not a contouring bronzer per se, but since I don’t contour, I just like to add a touch of color there. As you can see in the collage above, you can easily use this bronzer to create a bit of shade and warmth on your cheek area. In order to get this super sheered out look, I like applying bronzer with a large stipple brush. That way you can never apply too much.

The Healthy Glow

But what we truly want from a bronzer is of course a bit of healthy glow. And we can’t see that unless we compare a full face before and after. Where I feel this bronzer is not that great around the cheek area, it is definitely great on the perimeter of the face. I love how this adds color to my face, especially along the hairline where I apply most. Since I have quite a high forehead, I always like to use some bronzer to create a bit of shade and I feel this does that very nicely.

My Final Thoughts

I am very impressed with the Fenty Sun Stalk’r Bronzer. Inda Sun is a light enough shade, blends like a dream and does exactly what I need a bronzer to do. However, the amount of product you get for the price point is a bit ridiculous and therefore this bronzer is one that might be quite easy to use up quickly. At this price point that is a bit too steep of a price for me, but I will certainly enjoy this product while it lasts.

Will you be buying a Fenty Beauty bronzer?
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