Songs of the Moment

If you know me, you’ll know I am always listening to new music. With that I mean new to me. I am a bit too busy to be able to stay on top of new releases constantly, but every 3 months of so I go through a bunch of indie release lists and find what I like best. I then give everything a whirl and select my favorites, only to repeat the process again. By now, I have had a good chance to listen to my last music update which I did in August. Here are 6 songs I am currently really digging.

Vampire Weekend – Harmony Hall

First up is my favorite track from Vampire Weekend’s latest album Father of the Bride. I have been an avid VW listener for years now. It is always difficult to find out what their songs are exactly about but I love their melody lines and peppy vibe. Despite the happy tunes of this song, the lyrics definitely seem to have a darker undertone which is another thing VW likes to do. I have a ticket to see them live in November, so I can’t wait!

Nick Waterhouse – Black Glass

Time for a bit of blues! I bought Nick Waterhouse’s album on a complete whim last spring. It was played when I was browsing for new music in my local record store and I loved the vibe it had. I love a good bit of bluesy americana and that is exactly what this is. It has a good horn section, a flute and the best groove this side of the Mississippi.

Aaron Taos – Amazing

This is one of those songs that I came about through one of my many playlists. I have had this come on my shuffle a few times now and I just dig the vibes every time. This song has a huge ear worm chorus and it just cobbles along and has just the right kind of summer feeling to it. Excellent track if you want to hang on to summer just a tad too long despite the dreary weather.

Plüm – Nuit Blanche

But I love a good deal of electronic music too. Case in point this gem by Plüm. I must have found this on Youtube because that is where I get most of my electronic music from these days. This has a nice 2-steppy kind of rhythm and a repetitive vocalization that just gel well together. I love the groove this has and it is just a pretty chilled out song.

Bayonne – Uncertainly Deranged

Another indie find with an irresistible chorus that you just want to sing along. Can you see a pattern here? I love how this has a very organic feel to it but it is a very simple song that is driven forward by it’s hypnotizing lyrics and great beat. Just a great poppy kind of tune that I wish more people knew. Hence I am sharing it with you!

Reuben and the Dark X AG – Humankind

But besides happy, peppy songs, I love a bit of darkness too. I love moody, angry music as long as it has a good melody and great vocals. This song has tension and a great build up that just works so so well. I love this singer’s voice as well. And if you think you have heard this before: apparently it’s been used in a trailer for the Handmaid’s Tale.

What have you been listening to?
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