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Do you know what was one makeup product that surprised me? The one I am reviewing for you today: The Balm’s Take Home The Bronze. A good bronzer was difficult to find for me for a long time. Most were too orange, too muddy or just too dark. Even some cult favorites just didn’t work well. But then I found this! The packaging says it is anti-orange and it comes in three shades. Why do I love this so much? Well let’s find out shall we?

The Balm Take Home the Bronze Bronzer Oliver // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

First up, this is a bronzer that comes in three shades: one for light, one for medium and one for dark skin. That is not the best shade range on the market, but it is more than the one shade that most brands offer. And the best part? This is indeed anti-orange AND it doesn’t break the bank. It is very kindly mid-priced item that retails for €17.85. That is not cheap by any means, but it also isn’t the most expensive bronzer I’ve tried and it comes with 7 grams of product.

The Packaging

As you know, The Balm does some of the best packaging. Not only does it always fit a particular retro theme, this time it is also styled as an award. Originally these were also called after different awards like Oscar and Tony, but because those names were copyrighted they had to change the shade names. Inside, you get a mirror while the packaging is still slim and fits in the palm of your hand. Because whatever you say about this packaging, it is very practical if not perfect for travel.

The Bronzer

So what is so special about this particular bronzer? It is all about the shade. This is quite possibly the only neutral bronzer on the market. Most bronzers are red, yellow or orange. However, this is right smack in the middle of all three. This is not too red, nor too yellow and not orange at all. It is light enough to work on me for most of the year and what’s more it always looks right and never like too much on. This is quite possibly the most natural bronzer that I have tried so far.

The Swatch

If that sales pitch didn’t convince you then hopefully this swatch does. As you can see this bronzer is not only light it also has the perfect underone. It blends like a dream, it doesn’t catch on to patches and never looks blotchy. It stays all day and you cannot overdo it: it never fades, looks great no matter how much you slap on and it still looks great.

The Application

So let me show you what this looks like on. Above you can see a comparison of my face with and without bronzer. This bronzer warms up the face just enough, but without looking strange and unnatural. It looks like skin and adds enough color to serve as a base for your blush and highlighter. This is even great for contouring as it isn’t super cool toned nor super warm toned. Just use a different brush and you can use this to create a natural shadow to carve out your features.

My Final Thoughts

Is The Balm’s Take Home the Bronze bronzer the best bronzer I have ever tried? That is hard to say, but it is definitely up there with my all time favorites. When I posted my ranking bronzers video, I put this in second place after the Maybelline City bronzer. Now that I am using this everyday again as part of my October Shop My Stash I am reminded of how great this is. So for me, it is definitely a toss up between the two. If you’re looking for a good bronzer: then definitely try this one.

Have you tried any The Balm bronzers?
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