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colourpop no filter foundation fair 35 review swatch makeup look shade match

In this month’s shop my stash I decided to select the Colourpop No Filter foundation as one of two foundations to use this month. Earlier this year I already reviewed the accompanying concealer in this line. I liked it, but it emphasized my lines a bit because it has a drier, more matte finish. So it didn’t work well with my skin type. So I was skeptical to try the foundation, but since I had it lying about and I hadn’t given it a proper try yet, I finally decided to put in my rotation and review it for you.

Colourpop No Filter Foundation Fair 35 // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

This was quite possibly the first affordable foundation with a massive shade range. This foundation comes in a whopping 42 different shades. There are shades for 6 different skin tones and in three different undertones. The best part? This retails for just $12. Which makes it the only drugstore priced foundation on the market with this kind of shade range. But is it any good for dry skin?

The Packaging

Colourpop is usually all about the no-nonsense packaging. The same goes for the No Filter foundation. The glass bottle comes equipped with a pump, but that’s it. There is no lid, no fancy packaging, just a plain bottle with start and a white cap. Good to know: while most foundations come with 30 mls of product, this only has 25 mls.

The Pump

This foundation comes with a pump which sounds great, but I am not a fan. Because there is no lid, you have to wipe the spout after every use to avoid making a mess. It is therefore also not great for travel. The pump does ‘lock’ (you can twist it to open or close it), but the lock doesn’t stay put. So this is not the kind of foundation that you can chuck into a bag as you could easily have this spill foundation all over your makeup bag.

The Swatch

Crappy packaging aside, what truly matters is the foundation itself of course. So let’s have a closer look at some swatches first. As you can see this is a very watery foundation. It has a nice lightweight texture that blends out flawlessly. I found that with this you don’t need much: because of the pump it is easy to get too much, but all I need is one pump to cover my entire face. It has a pleasant texture that lasts well, but I do get a little bit shiny in some places with this.

The Shade Match

When you have 42 shades to choose from, it can be difficult to find your shade, especially if it’s an online only brand and you have no way to test it out before you buy. Fair 35 is the darkest fair shade available and is described as neutral with peachy undertones. Colourpop has some helpful pictures on their website with the foundation worn by different women so you can see if you match what they roughly look like. However, I would also look up some comparative swatches if I were you to help you out even more.

The Application

So what does this foundation look like on? I usually struggle with matte foundations to look them nice on, but as you can see here, it really looks quite nice. It is matte, but it doesn’t look too flat on and it doesn’t highlight texture. After a few hours it does show some shine, but it doesn’t crease or latch onto dry patches. The coverage is also spot on: for a thin foundation like this it definitely packs a bit more coverage than I would usually go for. I would say this is a medium buildable coverage that could be full coverage if you want it to.

My Final Thoughts

While I really like the Colourpop No Filter foundation, I don’t think this is one I would use a whole lot. The packaging is a bit too much of a hassle to use this again if I ever run out of it. It works well enough though, so I have no qualms using this product itself. It blends well, has good coverage and good lasting power, while still working well on my dry skin. I do think I prefer a more dewy finish than this, which is another reason why this isn’t my favorite. However, if you do like matte foundations and you can live with this kind of packaging than this is a great affordable foundation in a stellar shade range.

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