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Talking about a long overdue review! I bought this lipstick so long ago that by now Urban Decay still sells this, but in very different packaging. Because since buying this, UD released their Vice Lipstick line. Luckily for me, the shade After Dark from their Revolution Matte lipstick range is still available as part of the Vice lipsticks. Since it is a stunning berry shade, I thought what better time to feature it on the blog than the fall time?

Urban Decay Revolution Matte Lipstick After Dark // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

There are a few brands that I love when it comes to lipsticks. One of my top 5 favorites? Urban Decay for sure. If you don’t believe me: I did a full swatch video this year of every shade I own and I have 12 Urban Decay lipsticks. After Dark is one of them and it is a shade I reach for every fall. It retails for €20.95 in the Vice lipstick range.

The Packaging

I thought the Revolution lipsticks had stunning packaging. They are sleek and are quite slim and therefore easy to store. The Vice lipsticks have great packaging too though. They are a bit thicker than this and also shorter, but it is a similar packaging style. I don’t prefer either one, but what I do prefer on the new Vice lipsticks is the shade of the lipstick itself. I am not a huge fan of the rounded bullet: I prefer a pointed edge so you can be super precise when you apply it.

The Lipstick

After Dark is a vampy, berry shade that is perfect for the fall time. At the time I think it was one of 8 matte lipsticks that Urban Decay does. This is part of the Vice comfort matte range and that name is very apt for this lipstick finish. It is a matte, but it does not have that drying feeling that is very typical for some matte lipsticks. This stays feeling creamy and comfortable on the lips, while it still stays put.

The Swatch

As you can see here, After Dark has great pigmentation. It has a nice berry shade with some red, but also plenty of a plum/ purple to it that makes it perfect for this time of year. It is matte: there is not even a hint of shine. In terms of texture I already mentioned how comfortable this is. What’s more, it is a longlasting lipstick too. This is definitely one I can apply in the morning and will wear off nicely. This does not smudge or transfer and needs touching up around the 6 – 8 hour mark.

The Application

Because that is something I love about this lipstick: not only does it look stunning, it also lasts a long time. This easily survives a workday and does not need touching up when you have had lunch. The shade does wear off of course, but it mainly fades, but as it wears down it leaves behind an intense stain. This lipstick stays put until you use a makeup cleanser to take it off.

The Conclusion

I am terribly sorry for taking so long to review this lipstick. Because Urban Decay’s Revolution lipstick in After Dark is one that has been a favorite for some time and I just hadn’t mentioned it yet. It’s the perfect berry for fall and has great lasting power. It is also super easy to apply and wear, so I couldn’t recommend it more.

What is your perfect fall lipstick shade?
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