Too Faced Fruit Cocktail Blush Duo

too faced fruit cocktail blush duo berries and bubbly review swatch application makeup look

When it comes to blush I have tried quite a few by Too Faced. My favorite formula they have done to date is their Love Flush blushes which I tried and reviewed in a stunning watermelon shade: How Deep Is Your Love. As part of their Tutti Frutti collection, Too Faced launched their Fruit Cocktail Blush Duos: a blush duo featuring two shades of which one is high shine and one has a bit of shimmer too. I decided to try it in the shade Berries & Bubbly which is the lightest shade available.

Too Faced Fruit Cocktail Blush Duo // Berries & Bubbly // Review, Swatch & Makeup Look

Too Faced blushes are not super affordable. These retail for €28.55 which means it is quite up there in price. You also don’t get a whole lot of product: just 6.3 grams. What you do get for that price is a pretty glowing blush and if you had told me a year or two ago that I would one day be interested in picking up a blush that has actual shimmer in it, I would have probably laughed. I am a matte blush girl at heart, but why then did I ended up purchasing this when I was at a Paris Sephora over the summer?

The Packaging

You have to hand it to Too Faced: they know how to do packaging. Some of it is a bit tacky and too young, but sometimes they just nail it. And when they nail it, it is like hitting a home run. Each of these blushes has a unique design which hints at the shade that is inside. There is a good sized mirror and I like that little slant on the right bottom corner. I think it adds a fun quirky look the to compact as a whole.

The Blush Duo

The design is continued inside the compact. There is a glass of champagne on the mirror with a little berry and the brand name embossed on the mirror too. As you can see this clearly comes with a shimmery side and a more satin side. The shimmer side has noticeable sparkle to it, which initially put me off. But then I blended the two shades together and did a swatch and I fell in love.

The Shade

Berries & Bubbly is one of 7 shades available. I felt all the other shades were too dark or too warm, especially the shimmer side. In many of these blush duos the shimmer side is very golden toned and that I feel isn’t really flattering on me. This seemed to be the most neutral in undertone and has a more cool toned shimmer too, so I figured this would be the safest bet. Of the 7 shades this is also the lightest shade available so this is possibly the only shade that works if you have very fair skin like me.

The Swatch

So what do you get when you blend both shades together? You get this: a champagne pink shade that is very glowy indeed. To some people this may look like a highlight and it does in a full on swatch. However, something happens to this when applied to the cheek that makes it look more glowy, while still adding a flush to the cheek as well. It blends nicely, there is some noticeable sparkle once applied, but not too much and it stays put well. I had no problem with this fading on my cheeks. And as we are by now used to from Too Faced the blush is scented too: not something that I bought this product for, but it is good to know that this has a fruity champagne scent to it.

The Application

I hope these pictures can show you well what I mean. In the top picture I applied bronzer and highlighter. In the bottom picture I have added the blush. I just use my big fluffy Real Techniques blush brush to apply this. I go into the pan and swirl the two shades together, concentrating the blush in the middle of the compact. I then swirl it onto the cheeks. As you can see it makes for a very healthy flushed look. It accentuates the highlighter you are wearing but it also adds a bit more color to the cheeks.

My Final Thoughts

You can call me pleasantly surprised with the Too Faced Fruit Cocktail blush duo in Berries & Bubbly. It has a stunning shade that suits my skintone well and does what it needs to do. Where I am a matte blush girl at heart, this is showing me how stunning a more shiny blush can be. If that is something that you are interested in, then I can highly recommend you look into whether this range has a shade that suits your blush needs.

Have you tried any of the Too Faced Fruit Cocktail blush duos?
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