New Makeup Releases // Buy or Bye?

buy or bye will I buy it new makeup eyeshadow palette releases november 2019

It has only been a few weeks since I last did this kind of video, but with the Holidays coming nearer, the releases seem to be going full steam ahead. I already had so much to talk about again that I decided it was already time for recording another video. And now that I am ready to post this, already 6 or 7 other new things have been announced in the past few days alone that I would want to feature in another future video. So maybe I need to start doing these more often, but so far I am planning on sticking to the usualy once a month schedule. I am therefore hoping we can keep this one for November and then do one of these again in December. Here’s to hoping makeup brands are starting to slow down!

Buy or Bye? // New Makeup & Eyeshadow Palette Releases // Will I Buy It? November 2019

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