Catrice Luminice Highlight & Blush palette

catrice luminice highligh & blush glow face palette review swatch 010 Rose Vibes Only

Today’s review is a blush & highlighter palette by Catrice. If you know me, then you know that face palettes aren’t really my forte. Many brands put them out and I own quite a few, but I never really end up wearing them much. Still, whenever Catrice comes out with new products I want to try them and sometimes a product like this will surprise me. Because the Luminice Highlight & Blush Glow palette is a stunning three pan palette that has some great glowy powders.

Catrice Luminice Highlight & Blush Glow palette // 010 Rose Vibes Only // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

Before we have a look at the quality of these powders, we should discuss the price point. As far as highlighter go, this three pan palette is more affordable than most single highlighters. It retails for a mere €6.99 which is an absolute still. For less than some of my favorite highlighters, you get three shades and depending on your skin tone you can use these powders in different ways.

The Packaging

The face palette comes in sleek cardboard packaging. The mirror is a bit narrow and therefore doesn’t really do much in terms of being usable when you travel. Inside there are three powders and no space is wasted on brushes or anything else. The packaging feels a tad cheap and flimsy but I think it is sturdy enough to chuck in a makeup bag when you’re traveling or on the go.

The Palette

I bough my Luminice palette in the blush & highlighter version but there is also a darker one that has bronzers and highlighters. Since that looked to be quite dark I felt this would work better with my fair skin. The highlighter on the left is definitely my shade and as you can see each one of these powders has a lot of glow to it. Even the blush has a bunch of shimmer to it and that has to be your cup of tea. I am currently really into very shimmery cheek products so to me it is not too offensive, but it is definitely not for everyone.

The Swatches

In this palette you get three shades: a champagne, a gold and a peachy pink shade that work well on light skin. The champagne shade is my favorite for highlight as it truly packs a punch. The gold is a bit too dark for me and the blush is nice, but it is a bit much for everyday. Because as you can see each one of these powders is definitely very glow.

Each one of the powders has a very smooth, cream to powder texture. I dare say that this is very similar to some of my high end highlighters that have a baked gelee formula. These powders really remind me of the Dior Nude Air Luminizer and ABH’s Amrezy Highlighter. The powders are soft and they blend nicely and as you can see below, it packs a true punch.

The Application

My favorite shade in the palette is the champagne so that is the one I am showcasing in these pictures. As you can see this is a highlighter that has no trouble showing up. It doesn’t emphasize texture and since I always apply blush over my highlight, I feel it never looks this full on. But this highlighter is not for the faint of heart. It packs a punch and has a lot of glow. This is best applied with a fluffier brush to ensure you can diffuse it more and make it look more subtle if you wish.

My Final Thoughts

The Catrice Luminice Highlight & Blush Glow palette was a complete surprise to me. It is a face palette that I finally reach for in my collection, which is quite unique. Not all the shades are really my cup of tea, which is always an issue for me with face palettes. However, the shade that works best for me is a stunning highlight shade that truly packs a punch. I know I will get some more wear out of this and if you are looking for a face palette that has some stunning highlighters than this is something you can have a look at.

Do you use highlighter palettes?
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