Milani Hypnotic Lights Luster Light Highlighter

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That Milani can do some great makeup products is as clear as sunshine. They do some lovely lipsticks, blushes and their eyeshadow primer is one of my favorites on the market. So when I heard they were doing a line of holographic highlighters, I was all ears. I already tried their Afterglow highlighter which I really liked and made it into my top 15 favorite highlighters. So I was curious to try their Hypnotic Lights highlighter in Luster Light.

Milani Hypnotic Lights Highlighter // Luster Lights // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

The first aspect that is noticeable about this Milani highlighter is that it comes in four different shades. The availability is quite limited depending on where you live, but the best spot to get them is through the official Milani website. On there it retails for $12.99. Here in The Netherlands I bought mine from Boozyshop, but I think it can now only be bought from other online retailers for around the €15. That is a bit of a mark up from the US price, but then you do have a more unique highlighter.

The Packaging

The Milani highlighter is very similarly packaged to many other drugstore highlighters. The packaging is a plastic compact that has little adornment. There are no mirrors, there is no space for a brush and the powder get the focus point. In this case, the powder has a stunning pattern that makes this powder look a lot more high end than you might expect from a drugstore highlighter.

The Highlighter

Luster Light is shade number three in this line. I have plenty of icy white, pink champagne and gold highlighters. Those are shades we see very often. What makes this highlighter unique is the fact that it is a peach highlighter. That is right: peach. It has a shift to it too that makes this a bit cool toned as you can see in the picture above. This is not the kind of highlighter that is super metallic and blinding, but it is a color is definitely what makes this highlighter more special and sets it apart from other highlighters that I have tried.

The Swatch

With a highlighter it can be difficult to capture the full effect. This product claims this is a holographic highlighter, but I feel the shift in this is too subtle for that claim. It isn’t super shiny, but it is one of those highlighters that you can buff into the skin to create a beautiful effect. Despite this having a peach shade this is still very wearable for everyday.

The Application

What I love about this highlighter is that has more of a brightening effect than a true highlighting effect. That makes this unexpectedly wearable for school or work situations. Some duochrome and holographic highlighters are so intense or weirdly colored that they are only suitable for more special looks. This, despite peach being quite a unique highlighter shade, still looks very natural. The blendability is on point and I find that paired with a mauve or plum toned blush, this shade truly comes alive and works great on the skin.

My Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a more unique highlighter option than definitely give the Milani Hypnotic Lights highlighters a try. Luster Light is a peach shade that I haven’t seen much of in the makeup world. This was definitely an unexpected success for me and I find this shade to be perfect for the fall time. It is not too intense so this is the perfect different highlighter that suits everyday occasions and can easily be worn to work. Highly recommend!

What do you think of holographic highlighters?
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