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catrice blush box glowing & multicolour it's wine o'clock review swatch makeup look application

When one of your favorite drugstore brands does some new blushes, then you need to try them. Catrice released a new blush formula for their fall/ winter 2019 collection and I already tried the peach shade called Dolce Vita over the summer time. That was a success, so now that it is fall time, I think it is only apt that I would try the more mauve/plum shade in the collection. Meet It’s Wine O’Clock.

Catrice Glowing + Multicolour Blush Box // It’s Wine O’Clock // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

Catrice blushes are nearly always great quality. I have tried many over the years that I also reviewed and I have nearly always loved them. They do tend to discontinue them quickly, which is why I keep trying and reviewing new ones. Whether it is the same formula in different packaging all the time I can’t really tell, but they seem to be tweaking the formula all the time. In any case, at a mere €3.99 you get a stunning blush that will definitely work.

The Packaging

Like Dolce Vita this comes in a simple compact. Now that I have used both of these for a while, I find that the hinges on these compacts aren’t the best which has led me to dig my nails into the peachy blush I have. These simply open up when you hold them the wrong way, which could potentially lead to disaster. There is no clasp or magnet to keep the compact closed so you may want to think twice about chucking these in a makeup bag.

The Blush

The name of this blush pretty much says it all: this is a glowing blush that has a mosaic of color. In this instance you are rewarded with mauves and plums, but I find that the actual color pay off is much darker and intense than what you might expect from seeing this in the pan. Like the peach version this has a nice glow to it that makes this look very natural on the skin despite the darker shade.

The Swatch

Blushes sometimes do not swatch well, but this has no problem with color pay off as you can see. This blush swatches intensely and therefore you need a light hand when applying this if you have fair skin. If you have a darker skin tone than me, then this can also work well as this will have no problem showing up on a darker skin tone. For a blush this stays on well and I have no problem with this wearing all day.

The Application

But a swatch of course doesn’t show all. With a blush you need to see it on the face. As you can see in this before and after pictures, this blush shows up very well and adds a really intense warm plum shade to the cheeks. That is why I saved this blush for the fall time as I felt it is more of a fall shade. It works really well when blended over a highlighter as the glow in this blush emphasizes the glow of the highlighter you wear underneath it. All in all, this is a stunning blush.

My Final Thoughts

As I had expected the new Catrice Glowing Blush Box in It’s Wine O’Clock is a great one. This is very much up to par with regular Catrice blush quality and one that works great for the fall time. The shade is darker than I had expected, I had hoped it was more of a mauve as that is my preferred blush shade. However that doesn’t make this blush a bad one in any case. It is a stunning shade that works well and I can highly recommend Catrice blushes if you are looking for an affordable option.

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