Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand Velours Lipstick

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Last year, I did a swap with fellow blogger Stashy. She’s since shut down her blog, but we did a makeup exchange right after she did. Her living in Canada meant I got to try some Canadian goodies, while I sent her a bunch of Europeans stuff that is harder to get in North America. One brand I knew I wanted to try was Lise Watier. This Canadian makeup brand is famous for its lipsticks so I was itching to try them. I was sent two of the Rouge Gourmand Velours lipsticks and this is the review.

Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand Velours Lipstick // Zinfandel & Cassis // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

Lise Watier is a more high end brand. It has been around for nearly half a century and is only available in Canada. Their Rouge Gourmand lipsticks are award winning lipsticks and the Rouge Gourmand Velours lipsticks are the matte renditions. They retail for CAD 25 which is around the same price as a MAC lipstick. This particular lipstick line is available in 7 different shades.

The Packaging

As you would expect from a more luxury lipstick brand, the packaging feels hefty and sturdy. These lipsticks have that lovely magnetic closure that keeps the tube shut so nicely. The magnet also means these feel nice and weighty, but other than that this packaging is quite clean and simple. The brand is stamped on it, but there is nothing here to distract from the product. That in itself is something I appreciate.

The Lipsticks

I received 2 shades from the collection: Zinfandel (which is the name for a particular grape family used to create wine) and Cassis. Cassis is the brighter of the two while Zinfandel is more neutral. Zinfandel looks quite pink in the tube, but on the lips it looks quite muted and makes for a great every day shade. Cassis is not only brighter, but it is also the one I wear the most. It is a perfect fall/ winter bright shade as it keeps the middle ground between a magenta and a fuchsia pink. That makes this shade not only unique, but also more like a bright raspberry which is stunning in the colder weather.

The Swatch

The Rouge Gourmand Velours lipsticks are matte lipstick. They are longwearing and upon first swatch they felt quite thin. You can see it in the swatch: there is a touch of sheerness in the middle of the swatches. That is due to these lipsticks needing a bit of wearing down before they are truly creamy. While these are mattes, they do not tug on the lips, but still stay on all day. These wear down very nicely and have a matte finish without the annoying dry down effect that some mattes have. They also feel very comfortable, especially for a matte lipstick: the thin formula means you barely feel these on your lips.

The Lipswatches

So what do these lipsticks look like on the lips? As you can see, these truly pack a punch once applied to the lips. They go on super opaque and the bullets make it super easy to apply these very precisely. I am not wearing any lip liner here (I never do!) and I still get a precise enough lip line. If I had to pick than Cassis is my favorite as I feel it is just a touch more flattering on me, but Zinfandel is a great neutral that works with many different looks. It is quite unique for a neutral as well as it is a pinky brown with a bit of mauve thrown in the mix. I definitely do not have another neutral lipstick like it.

My Final Thoughts

Now that I have tried the Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand Velours lipsticks, I can totally see why people rave about Lise Watier lipsticks. These are stunning and are definitely worth the price point. Cassis, the brighter shade of the two, has my preference as it lifts my complexion more. However, Zinfandel is also unique and something different if you are looking for a good nude. These are a great addition to my lipstick collection. That’s for sure!

Have you ever tried any Lise Watier lipsticks?
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