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Today I will be reviewing the first product from my New York Haul. Whenever I travel I like picking up products that I won’t be able to get at home. So before I leave I always scout out some brands that I hope to find. One of those brands for my recent New York trip is Kokie. This US only brand came out since the last time I was in the States, so I hadn’t given it a chance yet. I picked up a few bits from their line and I was most curious after their concealer.

Kokie Be Bright Illuminating Concealer // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

Kokie is US drugstore brand. As far as I know, they are available from Walmart and Rite Aid. I got my products from the latter. They take inspiration from K-beauty and their Be Bright Illuminating concealer definitely fits in that aesthetic. This concealer is available in 9 different shades of which this one, Fair, is the lightest. It retails for $8 and is therefore quite affordable.

The packaging of the Kokie products is quite striking. Many of their products have a black and white striped cap or tube, which makes for a very cohesive, classy look. In terms of quality the packaging does feel like cheap plastic though. In total you get 5 mls of product, which is not a whole lot, but quite standard for a lot of concealers. However, depending on how this works, that may mean that you can go through this quite quickly.

The Doe Foot Applicator

Another note on the packaging is the doe foot. That is just a standard for most liquid concealers nowadays and nothing to write home about. It is a bit tough perhaps as it is not as dense and fluffy as most applicators I’ve used. That said though, it is nice and simple and gets the job done and that’s all that matter right?

The Swatch

This concealer is called Be Bright and ‘illuminating’ for a good reason. As you can see in these pictures, this concealer has a very glowy finish, which is something I love. It is very lightweight and feels very hydrating on the skin. In terms of blending it may be perhaps a bit too easy to blend in and I feel I lose a bit of coverage as it is so thin. Even though, I mostly layer this over foundation, in the areas I need a bit more, and I feel it works well for that.

The Application

So what does this look like on? I feel that the brightening effect is very noticeable in these pictures. This shade is called fair, but it didn’t look that light in the tube. Once applied though, this shade works well enough to have a somewhat highlighting effect on me. I do feel it is not the best in terms of coverage as you can still see some of my blue under eye circles peeking through. I don’t mind, but I have begun layering a color corrector underneath just to cancel out the blueness first before going in with concealer and that has been working well.

My Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the Kokie Be Bright concealer is a great hydrating, highlighting concealer that looks great for everyday looks. This is not your full on glam concealer that will cancel out everything, but makes for a more natural aesthetic. I personally really like that, but since I have to dip in quite a few times every time I use this, I am afraid I will be out of this quite soon. Again, that happens a lot for me when it comes to this style of concealer. And if in the mean time I get to use a concealer I very much enjoy, I know I will be loving using every last drop of this.

What do you prefer?
A more full coverage concealer or a more natural one?
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