GRWM: Single Shadows & Makeup in The Netherlands

get ready with me single shadows makeup in the netherlands

For today’s videos I have another get ready with me for you. It’s a chatty one and as I do every month I use this moment to play with some single eyeshadows. But before we get to that, I want to also chat with you about makeup in The Netherlands. I often get comments asking me whether I am willing to do a video with a certain product or whether I will be trying a particular brand. While I have nothing against importing items, it is not always feasible for me to review product or talk about them quickly because it is just not available to me or just harder to get a hold of. So I thought I could talk a bit about the perspective I come from when it comes to makeup.

Chatty GRWM: Using Single Eyeshadows & Makeup in The Netherlands

Products used:

How does makeup work in your country?
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