MeeshaLou Cosmetics Witchcraft eyeshadow palette

meesha lou cosmetics witchcraft eyeshadow palette indie makeup review swatch

One of my goals for 2019 was to try my more indie brands. One of the first purchases I made was the Meesha Lou Cosmetics Witchcraft palette. It was a palette that many people raved about in 2018, but not many people talk about this brand anymore. And that is a shame, because now that I have tried it properly, this is a great, unique palette that deserves all the love it can get.

Meesha Lou Cosmetics Witchcraft Eyeshadow Palette // Review, Swatch, 3 Makeup Looks

When it comes to indie makeup one of the biggest issues is availability. Since these are smaller brands, shipping can be expensive, stock can be low and is sometimes made to order. This makes availability limited and it can be expensive to invest money into. As the brands are smaller, fewer people try them and therefore reviews are far and few between. But indie brands do try to make more unique products and they don’t have to be super expensive. Case in point: Meesha Lou. They are based in the UK and this palette retails for £32.

The Packaging

The packaging of this palette is simple yet still very much on brand. It fits very well with the vibe of the palette as well. There is no mirror or brush and the packaging is made of cardboard. There is no magnet, so to fully close the palette you will need the sleeve that it is housed in when you buy the palette. Else it may be difficult to travel with this palette as it could potentially open up in a makeup bag.

The Palette

So what makes this palette so unique? The color story! For a palette called Witchcraft I couldn’t have come up with a more perfect color story. It features greens, murky browns and plummy purples. It is mostly warm toned and has a good variety of textures from 5 mattes, 2 satins and 5 shimmers/ metallic shades. The shimmers comes in different levels of intensity and it is the shimmers that makes this palette stand out at a first glance.

The Shades

As you can see, this palette features two very unique shades called Maiden and Magic. Especially Magic is one of my favorites, it is a very soft formula though so you do have to be careful as it could easily break. The overall vibe of this palette is very murky and you might think that these make for some muddy looks. But if you pair these shades well, you can create some stunning looks with it as you can see below. It perhaps requires some more effort than a basic neutral palette, but with this you could go very simple and neutral or amp it up and go for a smokey, grungy look that is different from anything else you’ll be able to do.

The Swatches

Because as you can see in the swatches, these are some unique shades that you won’t find in many palettes and definitely not in this combination. The lightest shade has a green pull and and still goes well with the other shades. Some of the mattes do not swatch the best: this palette definitely stands out in terms of its shimmer shades. Those are intense, soft, and crazily pigmented. Still, you can blend them easily and over a primer they also have great lasting power.

3 Looks 1 Palette

Look 1: All the greens

As is my custom with any palette review, I like including several looks I did and this time I managed to create three different looks. For my first look, I went in with all the lovely green shades in the palette. This creates a perfect, murky, forest green look. I wished the palette has more of a green shimmer for a bit more dimension, but overall, I do really like this look.

Look 2: neutral with a twist

From the minute I swatched these I knew I had to create a look that allowed Magic to shine. So that was the starting point when creating this look. I just used some of the lighter neutrals to setup the looks and then layered Magic in a three step process. I find that process works for getting the most intensity out of a shimmer. I first apply it with a dry brush, then tap more on top with my finger and then go in with a wet brush. And I am very much taken by the final result.

Look 3: Vampy & smokey

But my favorite look I created has to be this matte plummy number. It is sexy, sultry and incredibly vampy. An unexpected favorite as I am usually not a fan of all matte looks. But something about this shade combination with the warm plums and the bright green inner corner complements these shades well. This is exactly what I had hoped to find when I bought this palette.

My Final Thoughts

The Meesha Lou Witchcraft palette is exactly what I was hoping for. This is THE reason why I wanted to try indie brands and with one of the first palettes I try it is an absolute banger of a palette. I have reached for this several times since buying this just because I love the color scheme. It is a perfect fall palette. So if you are looking for a more unique palette, then the Meesha Lou Witchcraft palette is one I would definitely check out.

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