The Balm Balm Beach blush

the balm balm beach blush review swatch makeup look application

In February’s Shop My Stash I selected a blush that I knew I would love but that, due to just having so many blushes in my collection, went a little bit forgotten. I think I have owned this for 2 years. No kidding. And this was my first time truly giving it a good shot. Sure, I put it on my face once or twice, but ever since I started doing these monthly Shop My Stash posts and videos I have been more into committing to my products for a longer period of time which really gives me a good opportunity to try them. And I just hadn’t gotten around doing that with this blush. I have already reviewed other blushes by The Balm, but those were either from the Instain line or the infamous Hot Mama blush. So how do I feel about The Balm’s Balm Beach blush?

The Balm Balm Beach Blush // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

If I had to pick then I think the cheek products are The Balm’s strongest suit. I love the blushes I already tried, have a weak spot for the Take Home The Bronze bronzer and the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter is an OG classic in my collection. So you could say I’m a fan of The Balm’s cheek products. Their Balm Beach blush is one that didn’t get as much hype as some of these other cult favorites and that is probably why this sat in my collection for some time before I got around to reviewing it. That said, The Balm was also a bit more difficult to get a hold of for some time, but now that this is available from Douglas over here it is easier to buy. For €20.35 this could be yours.

What should you know about The Balm’s Balm Beach blush?

the balm balm beach blush review swatch makeup look application

This blush forms a little family together with the Balm Desert bronzer and Balm Springs blush. The packaging of the three products is very similarly themed. I have yet to give Balm Springs more of a go, but the shade is a bit darker than the Balm Beach one. Balm Beach is a matte, peachy toned blush that I think works really well if you have a fair to light skin tone. The Balm’s cheek products are always of great quality and blend easily and last all day on the face. I have found this to perform very similarly to their other blushes I’ve tried.

How does this blush work?

the balm balm beach blush review swatch makeup look application

What you get when you buy this blush is a compact that is styled after the iconic retro The Balm’s packaging. There is a mirror in the lid and the compact is very sleek. I think The Balm always aces their packaging as it is slim, cardboard and easy to travel with. Because of the slim design, the products are easy to store and the colorful compacts makes these easy to tell apart in your makeup collection. Balm Beach is a matte, peachy blush that claims to be long-wearing and it is.

What is the shade like?

the balm balm beach blush review swatch makeup look application

Yes, this is a warm peachy toned blushes. Who knew I’d like that sort of thing? In fact, I find that peachy shades are quite flattering on me. While I am not a fan of warm toned shadows, for some reason more warm toned blushes do work well on me. This peach shade is pale enough to work on my fair skin as well. It may be a bit light if you have anything deeper than a medium skin tone and won’t do much in terms of blushing up your complexion. But I really loved using it this month as it is quite neutral and goes with many different looks without taking away from your shadow and/ or lipstick.

How does it swatch?

the balm balm beach blush review swatch makeup look application

Swatching blushes is always a tricky feat as a blush is never applied that intense and many great blushes actually look quite badly in finger swatches. Yet, to give a bit of an idea what this shade looks like I thought I’d show it to you on the back of my hand. As you can see this is a peach with a bit of a pinky undertone to it and that will explain why this works well on my complexion. The pink makes this less warm toned than most peaches as some can look quite orange and this one definitely doesn’t.

How does it apply?

the balm balm beach blush review swatch makeup look application

So if finger swatches don’t mean much, we need to have a look at how it applies to the skin. Here you can see a before and after of my cheek without blush and with the blush. I think here you can clearly see what I mean with this blush really warming up your complexion. It is not as intense as a bronzer would (which I am also wearing here), but it still adds a warm flush to the cheeks which I think works well in the upcoming spring season. This blush is so finely milled that you only need a little bit to create a good result on the cheek.

My final thoughts

the balm balm beach blush review swatch makeup look application

The Balm keeps their quality and my love for their cheek products going with their Balm Beach blush. It is a great blush that will get the job done if you are looking for that matte peachy shade that is perfect for everyday. This is really one of those blushes that looks like nothing much in the pan, but then really ends up bringing life to the face. The shade is quite light though so it has to suit your skin tone for it to work. On my fair skin it gives just the right shade of warmth and some color back to my cheeks for it to work on my complexion and not interfere with the rest of the makeup I am wearing.

Would I recommend The Balm’s Balm Beach blush?

Yes! If you are looking for a good blush that doesn’t break the bank but you are looking to spend a bit more than drugstore than The Balm is quite possibly your best bet. Many of my favorite blushes (Hourglass, Tarte, Too Faced, Urban Decay and Benefit) are all at least 10 to 15 euros more expensive than this, but I do feel you get the same if not even better quality. In terms of longevity I think The Balm makes some of the best blushes on the market. Their shade range is not the most groundbreaking but if you are looking for good basics that will last you a long time as you only need a little bit of product, then The Balm’s Balm Beach is a solid recommendation.

What blushes are your favorites?

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  1. I really like Hot Mama blush because it shows up on me and doesn’t fade like other blushes do. It’s probably the only blush that stays on for me.

  2. I love this blush, I have it too and it’s perfect for every day, I definitely agree with you, the balm is amazing with cheek products

  3. Oh I really love this one! Absolutely true about the tricky swatching situation with blushes, but swatch is never a good way to evaluate a cheek product. I know my favorite Physician’s Formula butter bronzers don’t want to swatch at all, but apply beautifully. Same goes for theBalm cheek products. I’m a bit suspicious of cheek products that swatch well 😂 Great review!

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