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Since the new Catrice products have been released I have been trying them out as much as I can. You will have seen me select the new Catrice Poreless Perfection Mousse foundation as part of my Shop My Stash. So I have been using this daily for more than a week to get a good idea of how this foundation works, wears and looks on my fair, dry skin. Because with a mousse foundation I am always a bit nervous as mousse foundation is synonymous for dry cakey mess in my brain. So the question is: is this a dry cakey mess? Or is it a good everyday foundation?

Catrice Poreless Perfection Mousse foundation 010 Neutral Nude // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

Let’s go over the basics. Availability may be difficult depending on where you live. This has just become available here in Europe and Catrice tends to roll out releases quite haphazardly in other territories. Therefore, if you like what you see here, you may not be able to get this just yet, or at all. Catrice’s communication on when products will become available where is quite vague, so I would recommend keeping an eye out if you are interested. In any case, this foundation is affordable at just €5.99. It only comes in 4 different shades though so it may be difficult to find your match.

What is this foundation like?

The mousse foundation is one that has a bad rep in makeup land. It is traditionally not the best for dry skins and it has an old fashioned image. So I was surprised to see Catrice do something like this. It comes in a tube which is nice and hygienic which is a good thing. This foundation promises to be light to medium coverage that offers a poreless result despite this not containing any silicones. Additionally it is a vegan formula that should have a blurring effect with a matt finish and it is aimed at normal to oily skin. In short, this is not a foundation that is aimed at someone with my foundation needs by any means. But still I wanted to try this. Why? Because it is a Catrice foundation and I usually like those. Another reason for wanting to try this is because I was intrigued by the fact that this was a mousse formula, which is something I have never tried.

How does this foundation swatch?

When I first squeezed this out I was suprised, but not in a pleasant way. This looked thick, orange and patchy. The shade, 010, is not the lightest shade in the range, there is one lighter but that was unavailable when I bought the products so I figured this could be a good fit too as this seemed a bit more pink toned. Once I saw it in person though, that pink undertone was nowhere to be found and I feared it would not look good on me at all. In the swatch this seemed to have all the properties I dislike about a foundation. But we don’t know how something works until we apply it to the face.

How does this foundation apply?

So what does this look like. The shade is definitely a bit too dark for me, but when I also apply bronzer and the rest of my makeup this doesn’t look bad at all. Applied all over the face, you can see it has a good coverage and a matt finish. I prefer a dewy finish and more lightweight formula though. However, I was surprised by how this foundation applied. When I first tried it, I had trouble with this going on. I applied it with fingers as the texture is so thick and that gave a patchy effect. So when I started using it I tried some other application methods. I have found this works best with a makeup sponge. It sheers out the product a bit more and makes it more evenly in its blend.

In terms of wear time this went really well. Instead of caking up throughout the day or accentuating dry patches, this wore well. As my skin is not super oily but does produce some oils throughout the day, I feel it held up well on my t-zone and didn’t get shiny at all. On my dry areas this never looked bad and it almost looked more natural throughout the day. It had an incredible wear time and despite the thick texture this never felt heavy or makeuppy as it wore down.

My final thoughts

The Catrice Poreless Mousse foundation is one that surprised me but that isn’t my favorite. I definitely think this is a nice foundation if it suits your foundation needs. Since it is not full coverage I don’t think it is the best for acne prone skin but it would work well if you simply have oily skin. For me, this foundation is not perfect: I would like something more radiant, dewy and hydrating. Perhaps this is a good one for the summer time when the weather reaches sweltering temperatures and all makeup simply melts off your face. However, for my day to day life this is not what I am looking for.

Would I recommend the Catrice Mousse foundation?

The answer to that question is yes and no. I would recommend this foundation if you like a matt finish, medium coverage foundation that wears well throughout the day. If you are like me and prefer lightweight dewy coverage this is not for you. Even though it is affordable, it is not worth it if you don’t plan on using this regularly. Another reason why I would not recommend this foundation is its shade range. With just 4 shades available this foundation is not one for everyone. If you are super fair there is no shade and if you are deeper skinned, this won’t work on you either.

Would you be interested to buy the Catrice mousse foundation?
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