Peripera Corrector (Korean Makeup)

peripera korean makeup k-beauty ink corrector peach dark thief peach concealer review swatch makeup look

If there is one area of the makeup world that I was intrigued by but also found mindboggling it was K-Beauty. Korean makeup follows a completely different aesthetic from the one I am used to in my Western oriented world. However, I kept hearing great things about their skincare and makeup products and so I decided to commit and try some bits. It helps that YesStyle now gives you quick and easy access to a bunch of Asian beauty products. Very helpful indeed. I decided to buy a full face of Asian makeup and today’s review goes out to one of my favorites from that video: the Peripera Ink Corrector.

Peripera Ink Corrector Dark Thief Peach // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

I placed my YesStyle order in December when they had a Christmas sale on. The product however, is still on sale. At just €6.90 this is very affordable which was unexpected. Every time I had looked into K-beauty or J-beauty before I had always found it quite expensive. The price point was mostly around the €20 – €25 mark, not under €10. So I was pleasantly surprised to find a brand that was not super expensive. I first spotted the brand in K-town during my New York visit. There the range was limited, but the brand grabbed my attention because of their cutesy packaging. So when I spotted them on YesStyle I knew I wanted to try them out for sure.

Why did I want to try K-Beauty?

My main reason for wanting to try K-beauty was simple: the aesthetic was not only different, but also appealing. While I can do away with the bleached skin look and I am also not a fan of sheer lipstick, their other skin aesthetics I can get down with. K-beauty does not aim for a full glam insta look that is snatched and molds your features into something other than what you already have. No, K-beauty is all about enhancing what you already have with sheer, dewy coverage and lightweight textures. That said, Asian skin is usually more prone to being oily so I was a bit afraid that their base products may not work on my dry skin. I was pleasantly surprised that that was not the case. Even some of the more mattifying products I tried still never looked dry and cakey on the skin: this corrector not being an exception.

What does the Peripera Ink Corrector do?

peripera korean makeup k-beauty ink corrector peach dark thief peach concealer review swatch makeup look

Let’s have a closer look at this product. First of all the Peripera Ink Corrector comes in the cutest packaging on the planet. It is housed in a little milk carton and inside is the bottle that has a cap that holds the applicator. The applicator has an angle to it that allows you to get right into all the difficult to reach places. There is enough product on the applicator to have it do what you need it do. Since the description of this product is in Korean, it is difficult for me to explain what it promises to do, but I think the shade name is a good indication.

In fact, this corrector comes in 4 different shades: a yellow, a lavender, a peach and a green. Each color targets a different area. I had really wanted to try the lavender shade for added brightness but that was sold out. Of course the brand recommends using all four shades to ensure the best results but I personally wasn’t very taken by the yellow and green shades as those are just not up my street. I went with the peach shade in the end which is supposed to target dark circles. I was nearly out of my Bobbi Brown corrector, so I figured that if this worked it would make for a great replacement.

How does the Peripera Ink Corrector swatch?

peripera korean makeup k-beauty ink corrector peach dark thief peach concealer review swatch makeup look

I am not going to lie: when I first swatched this I was a bit scared. It looks so so dark and so so peach on the back of my hand. I have a fair skin tone with a neutral undertone, so anything that is too warm is usually a bit off-looking against my complexion. For a corrector to work, I find that the more contrast it has, the more it stands out and therefore doesn’t do much correcting at all. So after swatching this I was apprehensive. I did like the texture of the product though: it has a nice thin texture, isn’t too thick and blends in seamlessly. So that was at least promising.

How does the Peripera Ink Corrector apply?

peripera korean makeup k-beauty ink corrector peach dark thief peach concealer review swatch makeup look

What I found out very quickly after starting to use this was that you only need very little for this to work. In my swatch I had applied way too much and then this looks like an orange mess. I once made the mistake of applying this like a concealer to my face and it didn’t look great. However, if you remember to only use one dot under the eye (yes just one dot, that’s all it takes!) you will see great results. I was amazed at how easy this blend into the skin and how it made my blue circles disappear.

I feel this is best applied with fingers, as the heat of your fingers will help this melt into the skin. With just one drop you can see what the effect is in the pictures above. In the top pictures you can see my under eye area without any product on. It is a bit blue toned in the very inner corner and I have perpetual bags under my eyes. I have tried everything under the sun to make them appear smaller or less noticeably but it is just one of those things I have to suck up and deal with I guess. After applying just one drop of the Peripera Ink Corrector, all that darkness is gone. It does leave a bit of an orange tinge, so I prefer going in with a concealer afterwards to have some coverage there as well.

My Final Thoughts

peripera korean makeup k-beauty ink corrector peach dark thief peach concealer review swatch makeup look

The Peripera Ink Corrector turned out to be a great replacement for my Bobbi Brown Corrector. So much so, that once I used that up, I immediately put this in my Shop my Stash for February. It paired really well with the Glossier Stretch concealer I was using that month. This correctors works great under lightweight concealers that you wish to amp up in terms of coverage. If you feel your concealer doesn’t cut it in terms of cancelling it out darkness on the under eye area, this is a lovely product. Since a little goes a long way I feel this would most certainly last a long time and given how affordable this is, it is definitely a great contender for the far more expensive correctors I have tried.

Would I recommend the Peripera Ink Corrector?

Yes. Yes! YES! I don’t always full-heartedly recommend products as I feel they aren’t for everyone, but this is such a standout product to me, that I cannot help but recommend it. Of course you need to have the same concern as me and wish to combat those dark under eye circles. If that is you and you need an affordable corrector that doesn’t break the bank than this is one that is great for you. Not sure how well this would work on a much darker skin tone though, but if you have fair to medium skin then I am sure you will love this as much as I do.

What corrector do you love to use?

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