Lethal Cosmetics Build Your Own Palette review

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Meet Lethal Cosmetics: German indie brand with banging quality. I already mentioned the brand a few times before. I put my custom build your own palette in my 2019 palette favorites and featured it in a recent 10 eyeshadow palette review. So you could say that I have fallen head over heels in love with this brand and its shadows. This review is to explain to you exactly why I just got myself some new Lethal Cosmetics shadows when they restocked last week.

Review: Lethal Cosmetics Synergy Build Your Own Palette

Lethal Cosmetics is a brand with just a few products in their line. They are most famous for their single shadows though. By now the brand also sells some ready made palettes, but it is their Build Your Own Palette tool where it is at for me. For €59.50 you can get yourself a sturdy palette and 12 shades of your choice. You can also choose for a 9-pan palette and they also have the option to buy palettes already filled with palettes and swap them out for some other shades. In short, the options are endless. If you look closely though, their line up does not have many cool tones: the brand seems to focus on bright, colorful shadows in matte and metallic finishes.

What do the single shadows come in?

When you buy Lethal singles they come in these gorgeous cartons. This may not seem that special, but I have tried some single shadows and they usually come in a simple sleeve that protects them in transit. Not Lethal Cosmetics! Their singles come in packaging that would potentially allow you to use a single shade and keep it well protected. Because not only do they come in a sleeve, they also come in a wrap that is magnetized and keeps the shadow in place. It feels very secure and just shows you the amount of detail and eye for quality this brand has.

Which shades did I pick?

When I bought this palette last year, I was still very much into my green, blue, purple phase. So that is what I was looking for at the time. All colorful, all gorgeous, and a good array of shimmer and mattes. I will talk about the actual shades themselves in a bit, but I mainly want take you through my reasoning for putting this palette together. I like mattes, I prefer shimmers over mattes by far. And that is why Lethal is so great: there is a good variety of shades, in two different textures that will gave you many different options.

How to build your own palette?

I know that a build your own palette can seem overwhelming. It certainly was for me when I first began building palettes and definitely made some mistakes. And this one has you build it all in one go and not like I did with my MAC palette (which was the first one I made) which I only bought a few shades for every once in a while. It is therefore helpful to think up a color story. Think of the things you want to put into the palette: what colors are flattering, what do you have little of in your collection and what are some must have shades you need in every palette? In my case, I knew I wanted a few matte crease shades and that everything else would be a bonus.

Why did I pick these shades?

I already said I wanted a green, blue and purple palette. I love myself some teals as you know and Lethal Cosmetics has a few incredibly pretty ones. I also loved the look of that purple and can we have a moment to focus on that lime green in the left top corner? Lime greens are super hard to do, let alone as a vibrant shimmer. This is by far one of the best ones I tried.

In case you are wondering the shades in this palette are as follows:

How do these shadow swatch?

BOOM! Are those some stunning swatches or are those some stunning swatches? Of course finger swatches are not the best representatives of eyeshadow quality, but these are all with one pass on bare skin. No primers, concealers, stencils or unnecessary building up of pigment. No, I just stuck my fingers in and this came out. While these are super pigmented, it would only be helpful if these also blended well and went on great. Guess what?! They do: these shadow blend like a dream, apply like butter and last all day long.

3 Looks, 1 Palette

Look 1: All the greens

I knew instantly what I wanted to do with those greens. So I pulled those 6 shades into this look combined with some of the teals. These are roughly the first 6 shades in the palette. And look at that lime green in the inner corner! Woah. That looks stunning, vibrant and where some greens can look muddy and brown when you blend them out, these stay true to color.

Look 2: teals & pinks

For the second look I focused more on the blues and purples. Of course I had to put that bright turquoise in my inner corner. One of the best shades in this palette now that I used it is Enigma: this pink with a blue/ purple flash is such a stunning shade that works incredibly well. Often brands who do shades like this make it like a sheer topper. This one is not.

Look no. 3 is one I filmed for a recent Get Ready With Me. In this one I made a more purple based look, which I think came out really well. Please watch the video if you want to know more about how I created this look.

My final thoughts

As you can tell there is not a single dud in this palette. The colors combine well, the palette designer is easy to use and these shadows have amazing quality. They are vibrant and easy to use. Perhaps this is not the best palette for beginners as these shades only need the lightest application and that requires a little bit more makeup experience. However, if you are looking for great shadows in some unusual shades, then Lethal Cosmetics has your back.

Would I recommend the Lethal Cosmetics Build Your Own Palette?

Yes! This is a great find and I put this palette in my 2019 palette favorites for a reason. I loved these shades and loved playing with them. I love the color story I put together. So much so that I placed an order during their most recent restock. I hope to be able to do a video with my new palette soon. However, as we speak it is still making its way to me so it may take some time before I get around to doing it, also because I already planned all my videos for April.

Have you build your own palette before?
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