Stay at home fashion

stay at home fashion

As you may know, I try to do one fashion blog post a month, but for the past month I have been stuck at home with nowhere to go. And that means I don’t really care about how fabulous I look. It’s been sweatpants and and comfy t-shirts for me. I still do my makeup and get ready in the morning, but why wear skinny jeans if all you do is go from the kitchen to the couch? So I thought I would give you some of my tips to still feel put together while still staying comfy.

Comfy bottoms

Step 1 is comfy bottoms. If my bottom half feels less restricted I feel pretty okay in general. So no skinny jeans, but a relax fit jean. I was especially impressed with my pair of Madewell Boyjeans. I bought these jeans in the US last fall and they have been so incredibly comfy. And they’re still jeans so they are a better option than your regular sweat pants.

Wear a dress

This ties in with the previous tip. I love dresses as they are a one-stop-shop and you’re done outfit. A dress immediately gives you a head to toe look and now that the weather is heating up you can quickly forego tights as well. So that not only makes your bottom half comfortable, it also makes for a quick and easy outfit that you can just throw on and you’re done.

Activewear as day to day wear

Some days, when I don’t want to go the sweatpant route, but I would like to be comfy and for instance expect I will be wearing yoga pants. Still comfy, not as baggy as sweats and a bit better. I have found this especially helpful on days where I want to make a point of doing a workout. If I am already half dressed for my workout, it is so much easier to finish work and then go on to a workout.

The Long sleeve sweater

At work I am always overheating. Not only am I walking around all day, teaching classes and running in and out of meetings, I am also out and about, riding my bike to the station and getting to and from work. That means I heat up quite a bit. Even though the weather is nicer now, I am still stuck in thin long sleeved sweaters. They are comfy, a bit more stylish than a t-shirt and they still keep me warm. I just find myself wearing completely different items in my wardrobe that I normally don’t get much wear out.


There have been a few colder days and I normally already love cardigans but now they have been a true lifesaver. I can throw them on when I am getting work done and when I overheat I can easily put them aside. I am staying warm, I am comfortable and I still have an outfit that I love. I love cardigans in general (especially combined with a dress!) and it is much better to throw on in the spring time than a thick knit sweater.

What are you wearing in self-isolation?
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