Wardrobe Tour + Declutter

wardrobe declutter tour

It’s time for spring cleaning and it’s been a year since I last decluttered my wardrobe. Since I feel really good about the stuff I have, I knew I wouldn’t get rid of a lot. That’s why I am combining this declutter with a bit of a wardrobe tour. So I am also showing you some special and favorite pieces that I have kept for years for various reasons. Curious to know about some of my favorite vintage finds? A few of my favorite dresses? Or a few goofy items that you may not expect I have? Then click on through and watch the video.

Wardrobe Declutter + Tour of my favorite / special pieces

Where did you get your wardrobe? Don’t know, it came with the house.

Where is the rail from? Ikea.

Where are the jeans organizers from? Ikea.

What hangers do you use? Primark or Action velvet touch hangers + Hema clip hangers for skirts and shorts.

Why don’t you put more clothes in storage? Because I don’t have space to keep clothes anywhere else.

When is the last time you decluttered your wardrobe?
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