Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera eyeshadow palette review

anastasia beverly hills eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look

I know I am so behind on palette reviews and this review just goes to show how far behind I am: roughly a year or so… Whoopsie! I have had this palette for a year and only now get around to writing my full review. Oh well, it is still available from the official Anastasia website so there is no harm done if this comes perhaps a little late. Still I think this is a great spring time palette and so this review is very opportune for this time of year. It has some neutrals, some brights, and some stunning shimmers. Let’s review!

Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera eyeshadow palette

It’s not as if I didn’t do a very timely palette bingo with this palette last year when I first got it. So if you wish to see me create one of the looks in this review from start to finish, then I can recommend you click that link. This palette was ABH’s spring release of 2019 at a time when collecting all ABH palettes still seemed like a feat worth chasing. By now we all know that is no longer going to happen, when the brand started releasing palette after palette over the fall time. You might even say that some people ran into ABH release fatigue at some point over the winter. That doesn’t mean that some of their older releases are no longer any good. This retails for €50 on the official ABH websites and some other retailers.

What does this palette have to offer?

The Anastasia Riviera palette is laid out like most other ABH palettes that have come out in recent years. What was unique about this palette is that is wasn’t super neutral. It still has some neutrals, but then with an added twist. But what this palette mainly has to offer are some interesting shimmers and a few bright pops of color. That is also what makes this palette. It is not super colorful though and still it gives you the right pops of something different that elevates your look into something more than just a basic neutral.

What is the color story like?

I like how thi palette is an equal split between mattes and shimmers. You get 7 shimmers in the top row of which some are more colorful, but not super bright. The bottom row features 7 mattes and features a few bright pops of color with a few stunning neutrals to mix them all together. I think this is a very well-rounded palette that goes deep enough and bright enough to make for some great, versatile looks. It features mainly cool tones though: there are only a few warm tones here.

What does the palette swatch like?

ABH eyeshadows are known for their stunning quality and the Riviera palette is no different. These shadows swatch beautifully and are also easy to apply. They blend easily and the shimmers go on intensely. I would recommend using a finger to apply the shimmers though as it usually makes them even more intense. Some of them are on the flaky side like in the Norvina, but that can be solved if you use a tacky base or glitter glue.

3 Looks, 1 Palette

Look 1: Neutrals with a pop of blue

This is the look I created in my Palette Bingo video using this palette. I was hoping to get some interesting shades, but then I got all the neturals. As you can see those neutrals are on the warm toned side for the most part. But they still go very well together with the colors and shimmers that are going on in this palette. My particular favorite shade of the neutrals is Cabana which is a stunning mustard shade that works so great.

Look 2: Pinks & brights

For the second look I went in with the pinks and I love how they play together. The shimmer has a bit of coral in it which makes it go perfectly well with the bright pink and the bright coral and orange tones. In short, a stunning bright look that works well and isn’t too out there that it can’t be worn to work. At least I would still wear this kind of thing.

Look 3: Purples & blues

This final look has to be my favorite. I used the purple and the blues and let me tell you: I think they play very well together. Just to make sure we added some more interest by adding the bright pink as a transition/ blend shade for the crease. Mediterranean and Seychelles play really well with the pinks and purples as well as the neutrals.

My final thoughts

The Anastasia Riviera palette is one that has a lot to offer. It has the neutrals you need to make very wearable looks. It has interesting shimmers that you don’t see a lot in other palettes and that add a little extra oomph to any look you do. Lastly, there are some cool mattes in the palette that really amp it up a notch and not only add some pops of color, but also make for some interesting color combinations. This palette doesn’t run super dark, but there is enough depth and dimension to these shades to create some versatile looks.

Would I recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera eyeshadow palette?

If you are looking to dip your toe into colorful shadows, then this may be a good starting point. It is definitely a palette that has a bit for everyone, but if you are a true beginner in makeup this may therefore be too confusing. If you have no experience putting together looks and different colors this may be difficult to work with. However, if you are curious after venturing out and try some color than this palette has got your back.

What is your favorite eyeshadow palette for spring?
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