Lisa Eldridge True Velvet & Insanely Saturated Lip Colour review

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If there is one Youtuber who is consistent and informative it is Lisa Eldridge. She is a wealth of knowledge on all things makeup, so it was no surprise to me that when she came out with her own line of lipsticks that these would be nearing perfection. She combined her knowledge on color, makeup history and her experience as a makeup artist to release a range of carefully curated lipsticks. These are hard to get, but well worth it in the end. Today I am reviewing four shades: the True Velvet lip colours in Velvet Muse and Velvet Ribbon; and the Insanely Saturated Lip Colours in Rainbow Spill and Skyscraper Rose.

Review: Lisa Eldridge Lipsticks // True Velvet & Insanely Saturated Lip Colour

Would you believe me if I said that these lip colours instantly rose to the top of my favorite lipsticks of all time? They are some of the most beautiful lipsticks I have ever laid eyes on. From the vintage style packaging to the way the bullet is cut: everything about these lipsticks feels intentional and chic. For what they are I think they are quite reasonably priced: at £26 a pop these are cheaper than most luxurious lipsticks. The only downside? You can only get these from the official Lisa Eldridge website and shipping is expensive. That is why I recommend that you save up and wait until there is more than one shade on your wishlist. That way, you can get to the amount you need to qualify for free shipping. On the website it says that everything will be back in stock in September, but most of the shades I am showing you here are currently still available.

What can you expect from these lipsticks?

The Lisa Eldridge lipstick line features four capsule collections: the Luxurious Lucent lip colour, the Insanely Saturated lip colour and two sets of the True Velvet lip colour. Of these, the Luxurious Lucent is the only cream formula. The others are all matte. Matte but not flat: these are some of the most comfortable and easy to wear mattes on the market. When I placed my purchase I went with a nude and a red, like I always do when I want to try a lipstick line. A lot can be gleaned from how well a brand does their nudes and reds. I added two bright pops of color as those were more unique I felt. And I will just spill the beans straight away: I will be buying some more of these at some point and then focus on the deeper shades.

Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lip Colour Velvet Muse

Of the nudes I decided to got with Velvet Muse. Velvet Fawn also looked stunning, but this seemed a touch more rosy and deeper and I prefer that on myself. Velvet Muse is what you might call ‘the perfect nude’. That is a bold statement to make, but it is absolutely true. This lipstick is quite possibly spot on in terms of depth, color and texture. There is nothing I don’t like about this lipstick. And that fuzziness on the edges? That’s the lipstick! These True Velvets have a fuzzy outer layer to show you the matte texture. Talking about attention to detail!

Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Velvet Ribbon

Her first launch featured a set of reds in different shades. Her classic red is called Velvet Ribbon, but it is a bit more warm toned than most classic reds. This is such a vibrant red that my camera has a hard time picking up on it. Like with Velvet Muse this is one of the most perfect reds in my collection. It is bright, it makes my teeth look whiter and it lasts all day. This lipstick instantly went into my top 5 of my all time favorite red lipsticks and I have a ton. Because even though a red may seem like just a red, this again has that slightly different undertone that not only makes this super stunning, but also very wearable for many different skin tones.

Lisa Eldridge Insanely Saturated Rainbow Spill

I have to admit: the name as much as the shade itself drew me into buying this lipstick. Rainbow Spill is best described as a bright, neon coral. A bit like MAC’s Candy Yum Yum, but less pink and more coral. This lipstick is so bright that my camera just doesn’t do it justice. This has a very strong white base and of all the lipstick I tried this is the most drying on my lips. Still comfortable though, it just shows patches more so than any other lipsticks I am showing you here. And that is mainly due to the color: these insanely bright colors are simply difficult to get to go on evenly.

Lisa Eldridge Insanely Saturated Skyscraper Rose

The shade I was most nervous about? Skyscraper Rose. I don’t look good in pink lipstick, but this has a depth to it that I think could make it very wearable. And it is. This is the kind of lipstick that is stunning if you want to venture out and wear something different than a nude, but you are not yet up for wearing a full on bright red. It is that perfect in between shade where it has depth and brightness at the same time. And the shade on this I can’t describe. It’s not pink, but yet it is. It is not rose per se, but yet it is. Very interesting and difficult to put your finger on it. The only thing I know is that it works when I put it on.

How do these lipstick swatch?

As you can see the texture on all of these lipsticks is best described as matte. Not a single one of these lipstick has a creamy, shiny finish. They go on full on, are insanely pigmented and one swipe across the lips is all you need. They glide on like butter, yet still stay put throughout the day. Because are not only stunning shades, they are also some of the best lipsticks I have ever tried. When you put them on they feel very creamy and without them physically drying down, somehow they still manage to last throughout a full workday without any bleeding and feathering. It is like magic!

What do these lipsticks look like on the lips?

Lisa Eldridge lipstick Velvet Muse
Lisa Eldridge Lipstick Velvet Ribbon
Lisa Eldridge lipstick Rainbow Spill
Lisa Eldridge lipstick Skyscraper Rose

My final thoughts

The Lisa Eldridge lipsticks are some of the best ones I’ve tried. I have to say I slightly prefer the True Velvet formula over the Insanely Saturated ones, but both make for some stunning lipsticks. If you are looking to splurge on a nice birthday gift for someone (or yourself) than this is a great bet. The shades are universally flattering and there is a lot on offer with just the few shades that are out.

Would I recommend the Lisa Eldridge lipsticks?

YES!! I love these. That said, these aren’t cheap and so they are a once a year type of thing for me. I would definitely like to get a few more. I am currently eyeing up Velvet Midnight, Velvet Myth, Velvet Jazz and Velvet Decade. Those are all very dark, vampy shades, that I feel would make a good addition to my collection. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for these when they restock in September.

Have you tried any of these yet?
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