Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick review

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Matte Revolution lipstick review swatch makeup look application

My favorite luxury lipstick brand? Charlotte Tilbury for sure! I have tried several by them, but I have yet to review their classic matte basic nude. Meet Pillow Talk. I had already tried the Pillow Talk Lip Cheat lip liner, so I knew I would like the shade. The Matte Revolution lipstick is also one of my favorite matte lipstick formulas: with intense pigment, a matte finish but a comfortable texture that wears well, I think this is well worth the money. Here’s why.

Review: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Pillow Talk lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury is a luxury makeup brand meaning that the products of this brand are priced a bit more steeply than most. It is definitely a brand that features a strong makeup aesthetic focused on old Hollywood glam. So you are not only paying for the product, but also the look and feel of the products. That makes one of these lipsticks to retail for €32. Is that expensive? Yes, but if that gives you one of the best lipstick formulas on the market? So worth it.

What does this lipstick have to offer?

Let’s start with the lipstick itself. Charlotte Tilbury is known for her consistent, on-brand packaging. Her lipsticks come in a stunning rose gold tube that snaps shut with a satisfying click. It is plastic (yes, looks can be deceiving) but these lipsticks do have a nice weight to them. The packaging feels sturdy, is great for travel and/ or makeup bags.

What does the shade Pillow Talk look like?

This particular lipstick shade is Charlotte Tilbury’s bestseller. It is marketed as the ultimate nude lip and I would have to agree. This is stunning on: it is not too dark, not too light and adds just the right depth to a look. It truly is that my lips but better kind of shade. Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are known for their squared off bullet. While this may look weird at first, this makes it super easy to apply the lipstick. It is one of the most precise, straight from the bullet lipstick application for sure.

What does this lipstick look like?

Swatch time! Pillow Talk is a deeper pink toned nude shade. It is definitely not a super pale beige nude for sure. It has a matte finish but still a moisturizing, comfortable feel. It should plump the lips and make them look fuller too. The texture feels very pleasant: this glides on very easily. It is not a matte that tugs at the lips and also when you wear it this never feels drying on the lips. Where some matte lipsticks ‘dry down’ to stay put, this stays put but without making your lips feel like a dry desert. I can wear my Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks for a full workday without issue.

My final thoughts

As you can see, this lipstick looks great on my complexion. It is one of those shades that simply goes with everything. This is one that if you put in your daily makeup rotation you will find it goes with every makeup look you do. From a daily neutral look to a smokey evening look and everything in between, this lipstick delivers on all fronts. So while this may be more expensive, with such an allrounder shade you know you will get your money’s worth.

Would I recommend the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick?

Yes, I would, but please only buy this if you can spare the money. Don’t buy this because it is a cult favorite. If you cannot shall out the cash, then know that Catrice has a shade in their Power Plumping Gel lipstick range called 030 Speak Up that is a straight up shade dupe. It is much more affordable than the Charlotte Tilbury and still gives you the same look. So yes, the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Pillow Talk is one of my all time favorite lipsticks, but know that affordable brands are doing some great dupes too.

What do you think of the charlotte tilbury lipstick in pillow talk?
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