A’Pieu Moist Creamy concealer review

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My aim for 2020? To try some different beauty brands! And I had never really tried any Asian makeup. So I placed an order with Yes Style at the end of 2019 and put it all to the test in my Full Face of Asian makeup. But after trying a product once we of course do not yet know how well it works. So today I wanted to follow up on the A’Pieu Moist Creamy concealer. I have been using it for a few weeks now and so I can give you my thoughts.

Review: A’Pieu Moist Creamy Concealer 3 Porcelain

One of the reasons why I had not yet tried many Asian beauty products is because they can be quite hard to find where I live and when you find any, they are expensive to get a hold of. Luckily there is now Yes Style. I had heard many people talking about this online shop, but hadn’t looked into it myself. On Yes Style, this concealer retails for just €7.05 and if you spend over €50 you get free shipping! I was a bit overwhelmed with their offer at first, but I managed to find a few things and this was one of them. Oh and one more good thing: I was not charged an additional customs fee.

What does this concealer have to offer?

A’PIEU is a brand I had not yet heard of. But a concealer of this name had to be appealing to me. I mean, if there is one thing I like my concealers to do it is to cover but also to be hydrating and not too cakey looking. So a hydrating concealer usually works best on me. This concealer promises to be a good coverage concealer with a long wear time. It should feel weightless on the skin while going on easily and blending in seamlessly. I found this concealer does all that and then some.

Why does this concealer work?

Now I am no chemist of course, but this concealer is one that works very nicely indeed and is definitely one of the better concealers I have tried in recent months. It has a thicker, creamy texture. If you have oily skin, this may not be the best of you. It feels rich to the touch and has a very dewy finish even after you blend it in. Blending in is easy: I use a sponge with this and it makes light work of giving me a smooth, seamless finish. The coverage is spot on too. It hides my dark circles while at the same time not emphasizing any dryness.

How does the doe foot applicator work?

This concealer is one that comes with a doe foot applicator: my favorite! I love a good doe foot and this one isn’t ground breaking, but it gets the job done. It is precise enough to get into all the small areas on your under eye and around your nose. Because it has a long flat side it also glides quickly over larger surface areas such as your cheeks or forehead. There is enough product on the doe foot for half an application, which means I dip in twice to cover my face in this stuff.

What does the concealer swatch like?

I got this concealer in shade 3 porcelain. There are two lighter shades, but those were either out of stock or looked too yellow and or pale for my complexion. So this looks a bit dark on the back of my hand. However, the shade blends seamless into my foundation and the rest of my face. I am a bit over the super bright pale concealer look. As you can see once you blend this in, there is a seamless blend with a dewy finish that looks very natural on the skin.

How does this concealer apply?

With this concealer I can tell you that a little goes a long way. If you apply too much of this, it can get a bit creasy as it is such a rich, moisturizing texture. It feels very pleasant on the skin too. Whenever I wear this, it feels like I have nothing on. It sets well with a powder and it looks flawless on my skin. After a few hours of wear I feel this does start to break down a bit and can pull into some lines, but because of its creamy texture you can easily pat it back into the skin and look flawless once more.

My final thoughts

After not having tried much Asian beauty, I have to say that many of them have pleasantly surprised me. The A’PIEU Moist Creamy concealer is no different. It does exactly what the name would suggest: it conceals and hydrates. And what more could we want from a simple, concealer? I can tell you: it is certainly all I need my concealer to do.

Would I recommend the A’Pieu Moist Creamy concealer?

Is this now my favorite concealer of all time? No it is not, but this is nice enough for me to want to use this up and then repurchase it at some point in the future. I just really like the texture this has and I love how it is still hydrating, yet longwearing. If you have dry skin or if your skin is more mature and you are looking for a good, affordable concealer to try, then the A’Pieu Moist Creamy concealer is a very safe bet.

Have you tried any Asian beauty products?
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