Ace Beauté Oceanic eyeshadow palette review

ace beauté oceanic eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look 3 looks 1 palette

Blue/ green palettes: they had a moment in 2019 and I definitely fell for it. Because my three favorite shades of eyeshadow to wear save from cool toned neutrals? Blue, green and purple. So you know I was all over it when the Ace Beauté Oceanic palette was stocked on Beauty Bay. It took a while to make its way across the pond, but when it did I snatched it up straight away and by now I have tried this enough to share my thoughts with you.

Review: Ace Beauté Oceanic eyeshadow palette

On Beauty Bay this palette retails for €34.75 which is definitely not too bad for a 15 pan eyeshadow palette that is imported from the US. It is certainly more affordable than buying it from the US website when you would also have to pay for custom fees. It definitely seems more affordable than their Slice of Paradise palette that I reviewed earlier this year. That formula worked well, but also smudged and bled on my lower lash line. So will this palette do the same thing? Let’s find out.

What does this palette have to offer?

It’s a blue/ green palette, so what do you think it has to offer? Blue and green eyeshadow of course. But there is a bit more to this palette than that. Inside there are 15 shades with a good range of depth and dimension to them. There are some different textures in here too ranging from some good saturated mattes that still blend well to some absolutely gorgeous shimmers that are nearly all foiled metallics. In total you get 9 mattes and 6 shimmers: a good balance, but I personally prefer a more 50/50 split.

What is the color story like?

You might look at this and go: oooh that is too bright/ colorful/ intense for me. And it can be, depending on how you wear it. What I appreciate about this palette is the variety of shades you get. Some of these are bright, nearing the neon end of the spectrum, while others are more muted and earthy toned. Then there are the deep shades that can really add some dimension to a look and that makes this palette also more versatile for the people who might enjoy this palette. This palette simply has all the green/ blue shades you could possibly want.

What does this palette swatch like?

Yowzah! That is all I could say when I first dipped my fingers into this palette. These are some of the most pigmented, most saturated colors I have ever seen. There is simply not a single dud in this palette. These are smooth, blendable shades, but if you are a beginner with less experience with applying shadows this can be a challenging palette to use. Because these shades are so intense, it means you only need a little bit to make it work and still be able to get a nicely diffused look. You only need to dip your brush in ever so slightly in order to get the pigment you need to apply this to your face.

3 Looks, 1 Palette

You know how I like to do things on here and if I have 15 shades to play with, I want to play with all of them to show you the range of looks you can do and to test out every single shade in the palette. Because what’s the point of an eyeshadow palette review if you haven’t tried at least every single shade? Here we go!

Look 1: Green & turquoise

I am kicking things off with my favorite look I did with this palette. I just combined all the shades that stood out to me the most: the deep teal, the bright green, that shimmering turquoise. Et voilá: we get a perfectly fun, bright look that just ticks all the boxes. I have used my ‘usual’ eyeshadow technique here that I find most flattering on myself where I created a bit of a cat eye with a darker shade and then add a bright pop all over the lid. I like how when my eyes are open you get a bit of that peekaboo bright green around the edge of my lashes.

Look 3: golden olives

Surprise, surprise! With this palette you can also create very wearable looks. This olive green look combines all the earthy tones in the palette and then you can see that some of the greens in this palette have some golden undertones. On a warm skin tone thiw would look even better I am sure, but think that this is the closest you can get for creating an everday look using greens. There is something almost neutral about it. Because I kept the look quite simple in its technique (just a crease shade with a shimmer on the lid and a bit of liner) this is one of those looks you can also whip up in a minute or two.

Look 3: all the blues

Let’s end it with a bang. I knew I had to combine all those lovely blues together in a look. What I love about this palette is that it comes with a deep green, teal and navy. That simply gives you all the options to really be able to play around with dimension and create a huge variety of looks. This all blue look definitely captures people’s attention and where blue eyeshadow was deemed overrated and a bit too 70s for a while, I think this palette shows you that blue eyeshadow is also perfect in 2020.

My final thoughts

This palette was a big surprise to me. After a bit of a disappointment with the Slice of Paradise palette, I was a bit unsure of this one. But I never had the issue with these shades transferring and bleeding like my Slice of Paradise did. These looks all wore well on workdays and looked great all day. The shimmers didn’t disappear and the mattes stayed looking vibrant instead of muddy. Plus it has a color story after my heart. What is not to love?

Would I recommend the Ace Beauté Oceanic eyeshadow palette?

Yes! If you are like me and you love blue and green eyeshadow and you are looking for a one stop shop that has it all? Then this is for you. If you are also like me and you love a cool toned neutral look that is great for the office then please stay away from this. This palette is vibrant, colorful and super pigmented, so if that is what you are looking for this is a great one. However, this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and if you are a beginner, you may want to try with something a bit less intense first.

What do you think of the Ace BEauté Oceanic palette?
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