Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush review

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One of my favorite blush formulas on the market? Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes for sure! I already own two shades by the brand (Diffused Heat and Mood Exposure) and I was ready for some more. So when I was in the US last fall I was umming and arring about the Ghost limited edition palette and a single. Upon closer inspection, the palette had too many shades that I already owned by the brand. The only shade that stood out to me? The bright orange shimmering blush in the right hand corner. And guess what?! It was nearly identical to their single in Incandescent Electra. So rather than buying an $80 palette I decided to invest in the single instead. How did I get on?

Review: Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush Incandescent Electra

Because investing is something that you do when you buy Hourglass products. These are expensive products and that is why I only buy from them every once in a while. Usually while I travel because until recently the brand also wasn’t available where I live. You can now buy this from Bijenkorf in The Netherlands and that makes this so much easier to get a hold of. So how expensive is expensive? How about €43.50 for one single blush. That’s right! This is even more expensive than a Charlotte Tilbury blush. Just to put things into perspective.

What does this blush have to offer?

Let me break it down for you: the first two blushes I tried were from the regular Ambient Lighting line. This blush is part of the Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush line. Not to be confused with their Ambient Strobe Lighting powders. Are you still with me? To make a long story short: this blush is a combination of the amazing Hourglass blush formula combined with their not so raved out (but one of my favorite subtle highlighters on the market) Strobe Lighting formula. In case you didn’t know all the Hourglass cheek color products are set up that way: they are a color mixed in with either one of their powder or their highlighter shades. So Diffused Heat is a mix of their Diffused Light powder with a reddish color. In this case, Incandescent Electra is a mix of a bright orange and their Incandescent Strobe Lighting powder.

What is the shade like?

Now that we know that this blush is a combination of a highlighter and a color shade, it is perhaps no surprise that this formula is even glowier than the regular Ambient Lighting blushes. Those have a more satin sheen. This however has a true shine to them and that comes at just the right moment for me as glowy blushes is what I am currently really into. Incandescent Electra is best described as a vibrant peachy coral shade: one of my personal favorites for the summer time.

What does this blush swatch like?

Can you just see how glowy this blush is? It almost radiates off the back of my hand. It has a stunning pinky peach shade to it and it reminds me a lot of a Kiko shade I used to own years ago. Hourglass blushes are amazing because their texture is incredibly finely filled, yet they have not kick up and always blend beautifully on the skin. I personally never have any issues with fading of blush on my cheeks and on me this color lasts all day. One thing that may not be your cup of tea: this does have some noticeable sparkle running through it, but not enough to make you look like a disco ball.

What does this blush look like on the cheeks?

I already mentioned how easy it is to apply Hourglass blushes and this is no different. Incandescent Electra glides on easily and you only need a little bit to get a good effect. Still, with Hourglass blushes I have the experience that it is easy to build them up as well, without making you look like a clown in the process. The result? A glowy, fresh looking cheek that is perfect for the summer time. All you need is a big brush to swirl this on and it is fool proof for a stunning everyday wearable blushed cheek.

My final thoughts

I am happy to have invested in another Hourglass blush and I know that at some point in time I am likely to do it again. There are currently no shades in the line that spark my interest, but when they do one that does, I am sure to pick it up at some point. Since the brand is now so much more accessible to me, you can bet that I will check out that Hourglass counter in town every chance I get. There is a reason these blushes are some of my favorites and that is because are just the kind that can do no wrong.

Would I recommend the Hourglass blush in Incandescent Electra?

YES! If you are looking to splurge and indulge on a stunning product than this is great for that treat yourself moment. However, I am also fully aware that this is an expensive product and may not be available to everyone. So save up some money or perhaps you still have that giftcard lying about that you haven’t yet spent. I know for sure that if you invest in an Hourglass blush that you won’t regret it if you are looking to buy into a great luxury cheek product.

Do you own any Hourglass products?
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