Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts eyeshadow palette review

coloured raine queen of hearts eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look 3 looks 1 palette

Who remembers the warm toned craze from a few years ago? I sure do and I remember suddenly everyone talking about one palette and one palette alone: Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts. I had not heard of this palette. I did not know of its existence and yet everyone I followed on Youtube was talking about this thing. Since it was a warm toned palette, it wasn’t much of interest to me at first. Till I spotted it in real life, swatched a few shades and knew: I have to get this. I waited for a sale and lo and behold: I am finally ready to review this baby.

Review: Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts eyeshadow palette

Coloured Raine is US based indie brand that is known for great eyeshadow quality. Their singles are much raved about and so I tried those first. I liked them, but wasn’t wowed by them. They were good quality for sure, but not so great that I wanted to get more. This palette was therefore one I wasn’t so sure of. Until I found it in a sale on Beauty Bay, paid only €35 for it (instead of the €50+ it usually goes for) and thought it was a good deal to try some more Coloured Raine.

What does this palette have to offer?

Let’s start with the packaging because sadly that stunning outer packaging is not repeated on the palette itself. I have found that always to be a bit of a shame, especially since this is quite up there in price. Still, if all that money went into better shadows, then of course it is still worth it, but hey ho. We also want pretty packaging nowadays don’t we? So while the outside may be plain and boring, the inside is a warm toned palette that has a couple of very unique shades to offer too.

What is the color story like?

In terms of color story, this palette did not have me convinced straightaway. When this was released I already owned the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk and I felt this was that but then in a more curated color story. So this can be great for people who like the Huda, but who don’t want the glitter and the extra ‘fussy’ shades. Because when you break it down, Queen of Hearts is a 14-pan palette with warm tones and a pop of purple. What if I told you that that is not what makes this palette special to me?

Why did I buy this palette?

So what swayed me? Why did I decide to put my hard earned cash into a palette that is so similar to something I already own in a color story that is not after my heart? Simple: Royal Highness. I don’t often like buying palettes for just one shade, but that shade is where it is at for me. Sure Ladyship is nice. And I love Noblewoman. Dethrone is that stunning deep brown with a golden shimmer to it and the mattes in this are amazingly easy to blend and use. But it was when I stuck my finger into Royal Highness that I knew: one day you will be mine. Now you know why I held off for a sale!

What does this palette swatch like?

This is a palette that favors mattes over shimmers (with an 8 to 6 ratio) and while those shimmer swatch beautifully, the mattes look a bit lackluster. But that is in a finger swatch over no primer. Sometimes, shades simply perform better with a brush and on the eye and that is most certainly the case here. Ladyship, the matte purple, is so so difficult to swatch and feels very dry, but get it on the eye and you are left with a great, easy to build up purple shades that is beautiful in the crease. Never judge a book by its cover: that is what I found to be true for the Queen of Hearts palette.

3 Looks, 1 Palette

As is customary on this blog, I included 3 looks with this palette. Between these three looks, all shades in the palette have been used. I believe you can’t review a product unless you have giving it a good enough use and in the case of eyeshadow palettes that means you need to have used every single shade. So here we go!

Look 1: neutral with a pop of purple

For my first look I used some of the purples and that Royal Highness shade. I just knew that this would be my go to look with this palette and so I started there first. I used Queen Mother on my lower lashline and Ladyship is in the crease. As you can see: a beautifully, easy diffused look that is great for everyday wear. I do find that the purples in this palette perhaps go on a bit darker than I would have expected.

Look 2: golden warm tones

What do you get when you use all the brown tones and a bronzy gold? You get a warm toned neutral look that is that soft glam perfect for everyday vibe. This is not my favorite look. Why not? Because I can do this look with so many other palettes. This is not what makes this palette unique and special to me. No for that we need to go to look no. 1. These shades worked well though, I can’t fault the quality of these shades, but at the end of the day I am not too wowed with this.

Look 3: neutral with a pop of glitter

Because this palette reminded me so much of the Huda Beauty, I decided to emulate a look I would do with that palette. I used Noblewoman on the lower lash line for that purple pop and used some of the warm toned neutrals I had not yet used for creating the other looks. I then took a MAC glitter in Reigning Ritches (I believe that is what it is called) and I did a half cut crease sort of look with it. A stunning look and one that I know I will wear more often.

My final thoughts

Is the Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts palette the perfect warm toned palette? Not for me. I would like a better shimmer to matte ration for one. By the end of these three looks I pulled in a random glitter for a reason: I had run out of shimmers to play with. So for me more shimmer and more shimmers that I feel I can wear on the lid apart from a stunning cool tone and a boring warm tone would have had my preference. Nonetheless, I like the mix of warms and purples this palette has to offer and I can easily see more looks I could do with this palette. However, truth be told, I bought this for one shade and that is also the look I gravitate towards the most with this palette.

Would I recommend the Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts eyeshadow palette?

Sadly, I would have to say: no. Now hear me out! I don’t say that because this palette is bad. It is NOT a bad palette. I just think it is not worth the hype. There are other palettes (I see you Huda) tht I prefer over this one that I feel can do the same thing. Why this then got all the hype? Beats me! It was a fun one to try and that Royal Highness shade is unique to my collection meaning I know this will not be going anywhere any time soon. However I do not recommend anyone buying a palette for just one shade, no matter how much it goes on sale. That I decide to be that crazy person and justify it with: oh but I can review it online, doesn’t mean that I then feel everyone should get out and get it.

What do you think of the Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts palette?
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