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Time for another Zoeva eyeshadow palette review! By now I have reviewed nearly all the Zoeva palettes I own and we are saving a good one for the final round. Because today we are having a closer look at the Heritage palette. And while this palette looks like another neutral palette, this is one that has a few unexpected twists up its sleeve. In short, this is the kind of neutral palette that is my favorite kind: a neutral palette with a twist. Let’s have a closer look.

Review: Zoeva Heritage eyeshadow palette

Zoeva is a brand with some great eyeshadow quality at a reasonable price point. Where many retails upwards of the €45 price point, a 10-pan Zoeva palette retails for €23. That is half the price of most high quality palettes on the market. Zoeva does do other palettes as well, some like the mini palettes are a little less expensive, whereas the larger 15 pan palettes are a bit more expensive. However, I love their 10-pan color stories as they always offer something unique and different from most other palettes, while not going completely overboard.

What does the Heritage palette have to offer?

At first sight, this palette makes seem a very neutral palette. And it is, but it has a different spin on things with two great cranberry shades and a purple with blue sparkle, that I found a great surprise when I used it (for more see below). The palette has a more cool toned undertone too, which of course is always great in my book. You also get an equal split between mattes and shimmers, which for a Zoeva palette is quite rare as most of their palettes favor shimmers over mattes.

What is the color story like?

Yes a cool toned palette, but a cool toned palette with a twist. There are two berry shades, but if you were to cover those two up, you are left with mainly a cool toned neutral palette with one bronze. There are 5 mattes which cover all of your basics: a cream, two transitions and two deeper shades that can be used for creating a darker, more evening appropriate look. However, the shimmers are stunning too. These aren’t super metallic or foiled, but they are very wearable and easy to use.

What does this palette swatch like?

As you can see this palette swatches decently. There are a few shades that don’t look the best when swatched with a finger. The deep purple with blue sparkle looks a bit sheer as do the matte cranberry and deepest brown. However, finger swatches never tell the full story. Because these shades can be build up and that is something that I personally prefer over super intense shades that need lots of blending. But the proof is always in the pudding: let’s see how these shades apply to the eye.

2 looks, 1 palette

I love trying every shade in a given palette so I created 2 different looks with this palette. Between these two looks, I used all the shades in the palette.

Look 1: neutral witha pop of purple

This has to be one of my favorite looks with this palette. I used a bunch of the neutrals and then put the gold on the lid. I am not a fan of golds, but these softer, more neutral toned golds that aren’t too yellow I think are still very pretty and flattering on. But where this look shines is on the lower lash line. I love a good neutral look with a pop of color on the lid and that is what this is. Which shade is on the lower lash line? The purple with the chunky glitter. I know! It looks far more purple when you apply it very concentrated on the lower lash line. In short, it looks great on, even though the swatch wasn’t the best. The shimmer is not too noticeable in the final look, but I love how it has a blue quality to it that makes this a very unique shade.

Look 2: berries

For the berry look, I played around with the berries and the one bronze warm tone. To change things up, I went with a subtle halo eye and I think it works quite well. I used that matte cranberry shade in the crease. Again, it swatched horribly, but one the eye it looks really nice. I think this is a very pretty look that uses some neutrals, but the berry shades give a good pop that makes this look different from others.

My final thoughts

I think the Zoeva Heritage eyeshadow palette is a stunner of a palette. It has some great neutrals and a few outstanding shades that give this palette a different twist. This won’t be a palette that I reach for a lot. There are a few shades I will keep this around for as they are unique and I feel add something to my collection. However, the palette as a whole isn’t super different as I feel some of these shades can easily be duped by perhaps even cheaper palettes. However, the quality is nice, I like all the looks I did with it so far and that purple has my heart.

Would I recommend the Zoeva Heritage eyeshadow palette?

If you someone building a makeup collection and you don’t want to splurge on much more expensive eyeshadows, but you are looking for good shadows that will see you through and offer you something more, then Zoeva is a great brand to look into. This palette in particular is a great one if you don’t have a large makeup collection, but are looking to try more unique, yet wearable shades.

What do you think of Zoeva eyeshadow quality?
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