Juvia’s Place Saharan II eyeshadow palette review

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One of the best Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palettes in my opinion? The Saharan II. Why? Because you know I don’t love warm toned eyeshadow palettes. So why do I rate this eyeshadow palette so highly? For the simple reason that it is a warm toned palette that has Juvia’s place do not only stunning shimmers (something they always do) but also outstanding mattes. Let’s have a closer look.

Review: Juvia’s Place The Saharan II eyeshadow palette

Juvia’s Place is known for doing good quality eyeshadow at an affordable price point. I think they take the cake when it comes to bang for your buck and eyeshadow palettes. The Saharan II however is one that is a bit harder to get. On the official website this is no longer listed as a stand alone palette, but can only be purchased as part of bundles. Beauty Bay does still stock the palette where it retails for €23.50. For €23.50 you get 9 highly pigmented shades.

What does this palette have to offer?

This is a 9-pan palette and the sister to one of the other warm toned palettes in Juvia’s Place’s line: The Saharan. Now that is a warm toned palette after my heart as well so it is no surprise then that its sister palette worked out for me so well. I did hesitate a long time before I ended up buying this though. I caved as it has a stunning blue and a mint green shimmer that has my heart. But what about the other shades? What does this lover all things cool toned suddenly like about one of the probably most warm toned eyeshadow palettes in her collection?

What is the color story like?

Yes this is warm. Super warm and in a way this falls into the trend we saw a few years ago of a warm toned palette with a pop of blue. But this isn’t just any warm toned palette with a pop of blue. Most of those palettes were quite safe and mainly based around browns. This palette is based around cranberries and coppers: spicy, sultry shades that had me do a double take when I started using them. The color story favors shimmers over mattes (hooray!) and it is exactly in those shimmer that Juvia’s Place’s formula always excels. However, the mattes, especially that red tone in the middle bottom row is life. Don’t believe me? Let’s have a look at the swatches.

What does this palette swatch like?

Need I say more? Look at how intensely pigmented these shades are? Oh and did I already mention that this palette features two duochromes? Yup the top left shades in the top row have peach/ gold flip to them that is absolutely stunning. The shimmers are stunning, the mattes are insane yet still easy to blend. This may very well be the best eyeshadow palette in Juvia’s Place’s line in terms of formula.

2 Looks, 1 Palette

Now as you know, I love using all the shades in a palette before I give it a review. In order to use all 9 shades I created 2 different looks. One featuring the oranges and the gold. The other featuring the cranberries and the blues. To my surprise it’s that combo of berries and blues that was super striking and different from anything else that I have going on in my makeup collection.

Look 1: orange, peach and gold

I played with the safe shades first. I know how to put an orange/ brown look together with a pop of peach on the lid and a gold sparkle in the inner corner. Stunning look that works well with my brown eyes to make them look more brown for sure. Warm tones do that for me. The gold in the inner corner is pretty but not my favorite of all time. The peach shimmer surprised me as it wasn’t until I put it on my eyes that I noticed the duochrome flip to a gold.

Look 2: Berries & Blues

But where it is at for me with this palette are the berries and the blues. Can you say stunning? The matte red blends out beautifully and it pairs well with the cranberry shimmer all over the lid. I used the blue on my lower lashline and I think the blue has just the right undertone for it to clash nicely with the red tones of the berries. But the surprise shade for me was the minty green shades. I popped it in the inner corner here, but I am still itching to put it all over my lid too. And that is saying something because I never like very light shades on the lid.

My final thoughts

The Juvia’s Place Saharan II eyeshadow palette is a stunning palette that took me by surprise. As someone who will pick a cool tone over a warm tone any time of day, this palette simply showed me that I can pull off a warm toned look if I set my mind to it. These shades work magnificently well and I love the quality of this palette. For a warm toned palette this is no longer the most unique palette out there perhaps, but it definitely ticks a lot of boxes for me. I surely hope they are not doing away with this one.

Would I recommend the Juvia’s Place Saharan II eyeshadow palette?

Yes. Yes. Yes and again: Yes! This is a stunner of a palette. It can be a bit more challenging to use if you are a beginner as the shades are so pigmented. But with a bit of practice, some good brushes and a light hand you can easily create some stunning looks with this. It covers many bases when it comes to warm tones and you get some fun colors to play around with too. I’d say: if you can still get this and especially if you can find it on sale, I would certainly snatch it up while you still can.

What Juvia’s Place palette is your favorite?
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