Sugarpill Funsize eyeshadow palette review

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Whoopsie Daisy! No upload from me yesterday but I couldn’t upload any pictures so it couldn’t be done. So I am back with a vengeance and we are looking at a super fun, bright, colorful palette. Say hello to the Sugarpill Funsize eyeshadow palette! This video game inspired, cutie of a palette features a 9-pan color story that looks super yummy. So let’s have a closer look.

Review: Sugarpill Funsize eyeshadow palette

This palette was my first time trying Sugarpill eyeshadows. I had been wanting to try them for years, but the pans were big and the palettes quite expensive and this was a time when I wasn’t into colorful makeup at all. So to me it was never worth the investment. Then they released this small palette last year. At the moment I am unsure of what the status of this one is. It seems to be sold out almost everywhere, but it just says sold out instead of ‘discontinued’. So was this limited edition? Will it be back? Who knows. In any case, if you can snatch it up this retails for about €25.

What does this palette have to offer?

Can you say fun? This eyeshadow palette isn’t only fun in size, it also has a fun color story. This is a small palette though. It is smaller than a Colourpop 9 pan and the shades are dime sized at best. That may be a bit of a let down for some people as I think this is one of those palettes that looks bigger in pictures than in real life. The palette has 9 shades and they are all matte. So not my favorite: I am still holding out for some good shimmers in a palette like this, but you do get some nice, varied shades.

What is the color story like?

So while these are all mattes this isn’t just any bright rainbow palette. It may look it at first glance, but this palette combines some vibrant brights the the right bottom corner with pastels. Now that is a combo I am down with! There are some cooler tones with the blues, purples and greens AND some warmer tones. I find it a bit of a shame that the middle row features two pinks: one leaning more warm toned and one leaning more cool toned. Clever once you start making looks, but that could have been a shimmer!

What does this palette swatch like?

The answer to that question: not great. This palette is one that looks very light, very sheer and just not good when you look at finger swatches. The shades aren’t patchy or anything, but they are very sheer. However, sheer shades can usually be built up and I find that the sheerer shades are also the pastels so they are very light. If you have a deep complexion it may be difficult to get these shades to show up without a white base underneath. On me though… This palette performed way better on the eyes.

3 Looks, 1 Palette

Of course I wanted to show you a variety of looks. I did one look that is warm toned using the bottom right part of the palette. I did one look using the greens and purple pastels in the top left and than I combined the purples and the pinks that were still left. And I think this pictures show you why you can never judge a palette by swatches alone.

Look 1: Warm Tones

We’re going to start with the most intense look I was able to pull. I used the orange, red, warm toned pink and also the warm toned purple/ pink in this look. So pretty much the four shades on the bottom right. I like how this plays together. It is a fun, summer time look and despite this being an all matte look I feel it has enough dimension to make it stand out. On me, some of these definitely look more vibrant than they did in a swatch.

Look @: greens, periwinkle and purple

But I could also say that for these shades. These are all the pastels in the palette together in one look. That periwinkle swatched horribly but build up on the lower lash line with a stiff brush it really adds a nice pop. I am not a huge fan of the color combination and how that turned out but I was excited to find that you can easily make these shades work. That green! So so pretty!

Look 3: purples & pinks

The last look is again not my favorite but can we just take a moment to appreciate that bright lilac shade? Hello! Again: one that didn’t swatch great but on the lid it works really well. What I am not a fan of here is how that warm toned pink is making me look a little bit ill. More like I have an eye disease rather than an eyeshadow. But I am itching to do a lilac and periwinkle look with those two shades.

My final thoughts

Sugarpill’s Funsize palette has very mixed reviews and I can see why. If you don’t try all the shades on your eyes you are going to think that this isn’t that great. But those weak swatches are made up for with some stellar blendability on the lid. These shades are sheer but can be build up and if you use a base to block out your lid shade you can make these pop too. I don’t like how some of the shades combine in terms of color though and I would have liked more shimmers.

Would I recommend the Sugarpill Funsize eyeshadow palette?

I would definitely recommend Sugarpill’s eyeshadow formula. I don’t think I would still invest in their singles at this point as they had to redo so many shades due to pigments no longer being available. If they come out with a palette that interests me than I will surely pick it up based on my experience with this one. Whether I think you should try hunting down this palette seeing this is currently unavailable, then I would say no. This is not worth the hunt. If it comes back in stock and you can snatch it up if you are looking for shades like this, then this will be worth it. Just bare in mind that the colors will not swatch great.

What do you think of the Sugarpill Funsize eyeshadow palette?
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