Sample Beauty Hydrographic eyeshadow palette

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Just last week I reviewed a blue/ green/ purple eyeshadow palette for you and this week we’re reviewing another one! I bought the Sample Beauty Hydrographic palette as it was a brand I hadn’t heard anyone talking about and I was looking for interesting color stories to try. So this palette hit a double whammy for me: it is a brand I had never tried before and it looks super interesting. Is this palette as good as the Blush Tribe Hasina 2?

Review: Sample Beauty Hydrographic eyeshadow palette

So I am not sure how long this palette is still around for. I got mine from Beauty Bay where it is currently out of stock. By now it retails for €11.95, but I bought mine for nearly double the price at €22.50. So I am not sure where that price drop comes from, but it could be that this is being discontinued, but it could also be that this palette has just been made more affordable as the brand expanded and became better known.

What does this palette have to offer?

The Sample Beauty Hydrographic palette is a 10-pan palette that features 7 mattes and 3 shimmers. This has a very similar quality to the LA Splash Classic Horror palette. I got those palette around the same time and so I tried them quite quickly after one another so I instantly recognized the formula. It is a thin formula that looks a bit chalky in a swatch but on the lid these looked stunning and vibrant.

What is the color story like?

The color story is quite straight forward: green, blue and purple. Compared to the Hasina 2 I feel these colors are more vibrant and there is less color variety as everything is just bright. What this palette could use is some depth and definition by having lighter and deeper variations on blue/ green/ purple. That said though, the shade in this palette are stunning as you will see in the looks down below.

What do these shades swatch like?

I already mentioned this has a thin formula that is difficult to swatch. However, sometimes shades that look a bit stiff and skippy in swatches can work really well when you apply it with brushes and you start blending. In my experience, I had no issue building these shades up and blending them into some pretty looks. For a blue/ green/ purple palette I feel this palette veers mainly toward the blue end of the spectrum. There are three greens and three purples but for each of those shades at least 1 shade is more blue toned that bridges the gap and you can see that in the swatches too. So essentially you get 2 greens, 2 purples and 6 blues.

2 looks, 1 palette

So I split this 10 pan palette into 2 looks using 5 shades each. I used the greens and brighter blues on the left side of the palette for one look and the purples and the deeper blues in the other. We’re starting off with the blue/ purple look.

Look 1: Purple + blue

So this is my least favorite look of the two but I think it was still successful. The only thing I don’t like is the blue in the inner corner. Sometimes you try something and it just doesn’t pan out. I love the purples here though and I love how there is a good purple shimmer. The shimmer shades are not full on metallic/ foiled side, but they are more on the subtle side. But I like the depth and shade of the purple and that shimmering blue on the lower lash line is life too.

Look 2: Green & blue

Of the two looks I feel this is the most successful. I like how bright those blues are but it does make for a very 70s vibe. However, the green on the lower lash line is again very pretty and here I do like the bright green in the inner corner. Overall, I think these shades go together a bit better, but I guess these looks show you that the palette is a bit limiting as it is missing a true navy that could work as a deepening shade/ liner and that everything translates as a bright mid tone shade.

My final thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised by how well these shades went on in the end. The swatches were not promising, but the color story excited me enough to soldier on and the looks I came up with surprised me in the end. These were easy to use, easy to get vibrant on the lid and the looks lasted well all day. I would have liked some more depth in here and perhaps some more true greens and purples to really make a blue/ green/ purple palette rather than a blue palette with a pop of green and purple.

Would I recommend the Sample Beauty Hydrographic eyeshadow palette?

For people who are into color and who are looking for a blue/ green/ purple palette that works well then this can be a good one to try. It is also fairly affordable and as far as I know, this is still available too. This is more on the bright side though and I think this palette has its flaws. Yet it is nice enough, but this color story is not for the feint of heart. So if you are feeling brave, by all means give it a whirl.

What do you think of this Sample Beauty palette?
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