The Balm Meet Matt(e) Ador eyeshadow palette review

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You know how I love a good shimmer. So why are we reviewing an all matte palette then? Well, because sometimes there are matte palettes that are just great. Case in point? The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) series is definitely up there for me. I already reviewed the Meet Matt(e) Nude and Meet Matt(e) Trimony before. Today we’re having a closer look at another palette in the Meet Matt(e) series, meet Matt(e) Ador.

Review: The Balm Meet Matt(e) Ador eyeshadow palette

So this series of palettes features a nice play on words. Each one features a man on the front, presumably ‘Matt’ and then each palette has a different theme. The Meet Matt(e) Ador was one of the later palettes to come out. These palettes retail for around the €30 – €40 mark which is totally dependent on where you buy these. There are many different prices depending on which website you find these at. This is an older palette too, so it may be a bit more of a challenge to find.

What does this palette have to offer?

The Meet Matt(e) palettes all feature 9 pans. 9 very large pans. There is a big difference in how much product you get in each one though. Still, this palette is 21.9 grams of product. That is over 2 grams of product per pan, making this a palette with a lot of product in each shade. The reason why I bought this palette is because it has the best color story of the three palettes. The Meet Matt(e) Trimony is more warm toned and the Meet Matt(e) Nude is a bit more cool toned and with many shades that can be mixed and matched. The Meet Matt(e) Ador is warm toned, but then focusing on more grungy shades.

What is the color story like?

What I love about this palette is the fact that you have some stunning crease shades in the top row. There are couple of good mid tones and a blend shade and then three darker shades in the bottom row. I love how this palette has browns that lean more mustard. I love a good mustard tone as they make for great transitions and crease shades. I also love how this palette features a navy and very deep dark green.

What do these shades swatch like?

I am not going to lie: I have swatched mattes that were better before. These work well but they are a bit stiff to the touch. So if you prefer buttery mattes than these are not that. What they do offer you is a buildable texture with little to no fall out and some mattes that make for a great staple in any makeup collection. These mattes are easy to use and I love how you can easily control your look with these. I wouldn’t say you need all three of these, but this one is great if you want a versatile palette that will go with many different looks.

2 Looks, 1 Palette

So I did two different looks with this palette. And that was a challenge for me because I didn’t want to pull in any other shades to supplement it. So these looks feature no shimmer, just the 9 shades this palette has to offer.

Look 1: Neutral with a blue lower lash line

The minute I got my hands on this palette I knew I wanted to put that blue to use. As you can see the other shades are good neutrals that make for a very soft look.

Look 2: Neutrals

For the second look I wanted to use the other shades I hadn’t used yet and came up with a warm crease and lower lash line. I love how each of these looks turned out very soft and feminine. This is definitely a great palette if you like very neutral everyday makeup.

My final thoughts

In the end the Meet Matt(e) palettes are some of my favorite matte palettes as they give a good range of colors and aren’t boring even though they are all matte. The Meet Matt(e) Ador palette is perhaps my favorite as it has my favorite color story of the three. However, I do think the quality of these palettes is different between each one as each one does have a different formula. It is therefore advised to look into these before you decide to buy and go with the color story and formula that you feel is right for you.

Would I recommend The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) Ador eyeshadow palette?

Yes I would if you would like to own a good quality all matte palette. Since you get a ton of product in these, this makes for a great palette that you can use every single day for years without running out of these shades. You just get a lot of product for the price point. The Meet Matt(e) Ador is my favorite color story of the three palettes as it is most up my street, but of course it doesn’t have to be yours. If you prefer warmer tones I would suggest going for the Meet Matt(e) Trimony. If you like more neutral tones than the Meet Matt(e) Nude would be the best option. That one also comes with even more product inside.

What is your favorite matte eyeshadow palette?
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