Top 10 Inspiring Color Stories

top 10 inspiring color stories

We’re in for the home stretch! We only have a few more videos to go in my August eyeshadow palette month. Today’s video is all about inspiring color stories. Where eyeshadow palettes never used to have much rhyme or reason to the overall color scheme, in recent years, a palette now needs to have a ‘color story’. This means there is a theme or certain colors that are put together for some reason or another. And sometimes those color stories can make you scratch your head and make you go: huh, how am I going to be using you? In my experience those make for the best eyeshadow palettes though. These are my top 10 favorite inspiring color stories.

Top 10 inspiring color stories // best layouts in eyeshadow palettes

Palettes mentioned:

What is your favorite color story?
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