Colourpop Disney Villains Hades highlighter review

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Colourpop’s Super Shock formula is legendary. Not only are the eyeshadows some of my favorite cream shadows on the market, I also really enjoy the formula for a face highlighter. I used to own Hippo, but because that is a dupe for a powder highlighter by Becca (Prismatic Amethyst) which I like better I ended up decluttering that one. However, I didn’t want to be without this formula so I decided to try a different shade. The Disney Villains collection not only had Super Shock highlighters, but the packaging also look really cool and a bit more practical than the standard Super Shock packaging. So I decided to give one a whirl. I decided on the Hades highlighter in Everybody’s Got a Weakness.

Review: Colourpop Super Shock Hades Highlighter in Everbody’s Got a Weakness

These highlighters are very affordable and Colourpop as a brand of course is known for not being super expensive. This particular highlighter was only $9. However, if you are not in the US it can get quite costly between shipping, taxation and other duties you have to pay if you place an order. So I tend to wait for sales and/ or till I have enough to fill my shopping cart to make it worth it. By now, this product is no longer listed on the Colourpop website, but it could very well be that these are brought back as that has happened a few times.

What does this highlighter have to offer?

So this highlighter is one out of 6 highlighters that was launched as part of the Misunderstood Disney Villains collection. Since I have plenty of highlighters already, I was looking for one that wouldn’t be super standard. Most of the shades looked a bit dark and I hard heard from Angelica Nyqvist that this was one of her favorite peachy highlighters. So that’s why I decided to buy the Hades shade.

What is Everybody’s Got a Weakness Like?

So I was surprised when I got this how dark it looked in the pan. Luckily, this is a cream highlighter, meaning this will never go on this dark and intense onto the face. I prefer to apply these highlighters with a sponge as that makes them blend into the skin and much more natural. And I find that technique works really well with this shade too. It is still a bit dark in its base color, but combined with the rest of my makeup I don’t find it too noticeable.

What does this highlighter swatch like?

In this swatch I think you can see the texture of the product very well. It has a deeper base color to it but the shine is a lovely peachy/ pink duochrome shade. However, it does have a nice level of sheerness as well. Meaning that if you don’t apply it too full on this is a shade that can work on many different skin tones. It is perhaps more aimed at light to medium skin tones, but even on my fair complexion I can get away with it.

How does this highlighter apply?

As you can see this highlighter looks a lot more natural once applied to the face than you might expect when you see this in the pan. It has a very pretty peachy look and in some lights you can see it sitting a bit on my skin due to the dark base shade, but overall you get a very pretty, natural glow with a hint of pink. This highlighter was part of my quest to find a great peachy toned highlighter and while I think this is not my favorite it is a good one in the end.

My final thoughts

This Colourpop Super Shock Hades highlighter is a very pretty one. It has a great creamy texture that I love in the summer time, the shade is on point while not being your usual champagne or gold highlighter AND it is affordable. So there is a lot to love here. It is not my favorite peachy toned highlighter. That title would befall the Nabla Skin Glazing highlighter in Privilege.

Would I recommend the Colourpop Disney Villains Super Shock highlighter in Hades?

Not necessarily this shade as it may not be for everyone’s makeup tastes, but if you get the chance to try the Colourpop Super Shock formula I would definitely invest in one. I may have decluttered Hippo, but since I like the formula so much I by now have also repurchased another one in Flexitarian. The shade range if marvellous and even if this one is forever out of stock I think they do an awesome job at making in a lovely cream formula. Worth checking out for sure.

What cream highlighter is your favorite?
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