Makeup Application Tag

makeup application tag

Now that we are back to regular content it is time to do some tags again! I spotted Jen Phelps doing this as well as Nikki Raven, so I though it could be fun to do this. This tag is all about how I like to apply my makeup. From the order in which I prefer to apply my makeup to my favorite step in my makeup routine: this tag is all about that. I hope you enjoy!

Tag Tuesday // Makeup Application Tag

Tag questions

1. Which step takes you the longest to apply?

2. Which step can you apply the fastest?

3. What is your most dreaded application step and why?

4. Which step is your favorite to apply and why?

5. Which step are you the most good at?

6. Which step can you use some more practice in?

7. In what order do you apply your makeup?

8. Which step can you skip?

9. Which step is an absolute must?

10. Any unique tools you use that nobody else really uses?

What would your answers be to this tag?
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