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hourglass veil mineral translucent setting powder review swatch makeup look fair skin

If you’re a dry skinned guy or gal like me then you will know the struggle that comes with finding a good powder. Especially loose powders can be tricky as they can be very drying and emphasize texture. That’s why last year I tried 7 cult loose powders to see which I liked best. Part of my top three was the Hourglass Veil Translucent powder. So when I was in need of a new powder I decided to start using it more intensely and finally do a more in-depth review for you. Let’s go!

Review: Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder

The review today is about the mini size. That’s right: Hourglass does this powder in two sizes. A full size that contains 10 grams of product that retails for €51.50. The mini travel size retails for €20.50 and contains 2 grams of product. If you know how little loose powder you actually need than the 2 grams, while seemingly very little product, is still plenty to really give this product a good try before committing to a full size. In fact, I struggle using up loose powders and typically get sick of it before I get through a complete one. So I appreciate that this powder comes in two sizes.

What does the Hourglass Veil powder have to offer?

hourglass veil mineral translucent setting powder review swatch makeup look fair skin

This Hourglass powder is marketed as a setting powder instead of a finishing powder. Hourglass is best known for their Ambient Lighting powders which are finishing powders. The difference between a setting powder and a finishing powder is in the name. A setting powder aims to set makeup in place so it won’t budge. A finishing powder can be used over a setting powder to add a nice finishing layer. However, that goes if you have normal skin. On my dry skin layering powders is a huge no go and for me the finishing powders have always been enough. So this setting powder had be skeptical at first.

How well does the Hourglass Veil powder work?

hourglass veil mineral translucent setting powder review swatch makeup look fair skin

I was surprised therefore when I tried this for my 7 powder video. Of the ones I tried this one was definitely one of the best. The powder is very finely milled which is very helpful. You can easily control how much you pick up with a brush and once applied it gives a beautifully airbrushed finish to the skin. It may not be the best for making my makeup last the longest, but it never makes my makeup look dry and cakey and it doesn’t make my makeup pull in any lines or accentuate any dry patches. I loved it for that reason. It does make my makeup break up in the end, but I personally don’t mind that more glowy look.

What does this powder swatch like?

hourglass veil mineral translucent setting powder review swatch makeup look fair skin

You can clearly see the texture of this powder in the swatch. It has a very silky, smooth texture that barely looks like powder on the skin. It blends in seamlessly if you make sure you don’t use too much. I personally like just lightly dabbing my brush into the powder, then tapping off the excess into the lid and then that is why I apply to my face. Really just the littlest amount will do. My makeup lasts all day and even under a mask I have only a little bit of transfer (mainly around my nose).

What does this powder do?

hourglass veil mineral translucent setting powder review swatch makeup look fair skin

Since this powder is a setting powder is definitely looks a bit more matte at first. Here I am also wearing quite a matte foundation so didn’t exactly help. However, because it is such a lightweight powder that is easy to blend it I feel it really works well over many different foundations. I find it looks a bit makeuppy at first but as the makeup sits on the skin and some of those natural oils start to do its work I feel this powder looks at its best. Don’t believe me? Check out the full face below that I did the other day.

My final thoughts

hourglass veil mineral translucent setting powder review swatch makeup look fair skin

For a loose powder I am super happy with the Hourglass Veil Translucent setting powder. I do have to say though that I prefer a pressed powder any time of day. It simply makes it easier to control how much product you use and therefore it is simply quicker in the morning. Plus you don’t have to be careful you spill it if you drop the powder without the lid on. With loose powders you just never know. I definitely need to dust off my darker shirts after applying this, but that takes mere seconds.

Would I recommend the Hourglass Veil powder?

I think that many people might like this powder. If you are just looking to try it, I would definitely recommend getting the mini first. While 2 grams of product may seem like very little, it does give you a good chance to try the product at less than half price. Especially if you have fairly dry skin and you struggle finding a good setting powder that makes your makeup wear better throughout the day I think you might like this. If you have quite oily skin though I think this is not your cup of tea as it definitely won’t keep any oils at bay throughout the day. I personally love that though as it makes for a more natural, dewy look.

What is your favorite loose powder?

9 responses to “Hourglass Veil powder review”

  1. retrodee Avatar

    I don’t like loose powder mostly because it makes a mess. And it’s hard to get the right amount on the brush. I used to use Bare Minerals all the time. However, I just purchased Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder for under eyes. Bad idea. It’s expensive, has the same messy problem as other loose powders and every loose powder settles in the fine lines lately. (I’m getting old!) I wouldn’t use powder at all, but it does help finish the look off plus some concealers are shiny and require it. I definitely prefer cake powder if I have to use one.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I didn’t much like the Laura Mercier Translucent powder I tried last year either. It just didn’t look as good on me as some of the others I tried.

  2. True Baronesse Avatar
    True Baronesse

    I love this powder. I tried ByTerry hyaluronic hydra powder, thinking it would not be drying due to the simplistic formula (it’s just silica and sodium hyaluronate), but it looked very powdery and dry on my skin. Laura Mercier translucent loose powder is the worst I’ve ever tried, that product is only suitable for oily skin in my opinion. Wasn’t impressed by the overhyped Charlotte Tilbury airbrush powder either, there was nothing special about it (except the packaging ofc). My favourite powder however is Colorescience spf 50 Sunforgettable. It is overpriced, the applicator is rubbish, but the powder is amazing. It’s a little bit tinted so I can just put it over my spf and it tones down the shine, blurs the pores and never looks cakey or dry. It’s also water resistant and if I use it on top of foundation, it sets it perfectly.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I have never heard of that last brand you mentioned. Sounds like a good product.

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