Juvia’s Place The Nomad eyeshadow palette review

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The other week I showed you my favorite palettes for the fall season and in that video I featured the Juvia’s Place The Nomad eyeshadow palette. This palette is one of my favorite for fall because it gives you all you need to create a grungy look. Featuring mustard yellow and murky green shade it is not only a great fall palette, I also find it a great, more affordable alternative for the ever-popular Melt Gemini palette. That is one I have not yet reviewed but I will make sure to do so in the next few weeks. Let’s have a look at the Juvia’s Place The Nomad first.

Review: Juvia’s Place The Nomad eyeshadow palette

Juvia’s Place is of course known for doing great eyeshadow at an affordable price point. Where in recent times the brand has been releasing larger palettes at a more expensive price point, this palette is actually one of the most affordable palettes available. For this 9-pan palette you will pay $15 full price but the brand is always doing sales so you can easily find this for cheaper. I bought this in their Black Friday sale last year and paid only $10. That makes it an even better deal!

What does the Juvia’s Place The Nomad have to offer?

Can you say hello to the grungy tones? This is quite possibly one of my favorite Juvia’s Place palettes and I was so surprised that I hadn’t heard many people talking about it more when this was released. I still don’t understand why. This seems to be Juvia’s Place most underrated palette but I love it because of the grungy tones in the palette. There are plenty of warm tones here but combined with the murky greens and dirty browns I feel it really works well for the fall time.

What is the color story of The Nomad like?

The Juvia’s Place The Nomad palette features 9 pans of which 7 are mattes and 2 are shimmers. There is one matte with sparkle but I just discredit that sparkle as it doesn’t show up when you blend out the shade onto the eyes. So you get 2 mustard yellow mattes, a deep khaki green, a warm toned dirty orange (that shade reminds me of pumpkins!), a matte cream, cool toned chocolate brown and my favorite: a baby poop brown. There is just no other way to describe that shade in the bottom right corner! The two shimmers are a stunning more cool toned champagne that leans a bit taupe and a deep olive green.

What does the palette swatch like?

Even though finger swatches never tell the whole story, this palette just looks great. The dark brown doesn’t show up super intense in a finger swatch but that is because some of these mattes are not buttery and smooth but a bit drier in texture. I don’t mind that: Juvia’s Place mattes usually are on the dry side of things, but they always work well on the lids when using a brush. But what Juvia’s Place does best is shimmers, so it’s a shame there’s only two (that one mustard yellow with shimmer should have just been another amazing metallic shade).

2 Looks, 1 Palette

As you know, it is customary for me to try every shade in the palette before I feel comfortable reviewing it. With this palette I did 2 looks. One look is a bit more subtle but still warm toned an grungy and the other is a more intense smokey look focusing on those stunning greens.

Look 1: wearable warm neutrals

For the first look I went in with the mustard yellow (the matte one) in the crease and just whacked that shimmer in the middle all over the lid. I used the matte brown to create a bit of an eyeliner and the orange shade is on the lower lash line. The cream is a great blend shade that can help you to diffuse the edges of every look and make it look seamless. I know I keep saying I don’t love warm tones, but I love a good mustard yellow any time of day.

Look 2: grungy greens

But of course I had to show you what this palette looks like when you bring those greens out to play. I used the green shimmer all over the lid, the matte is on the lower lash line for some added dimension. I used the baby poop brown shade in the crease and I love how everything blends into the shimmering mustard yellow. I also used that yellow to smoke out the lower lash line, because this looked just asked for more intensity. Finally, I used the light shimmer in the inner corner.

My Final Thoughts

The Juvia’s Place The Nomad eyeshadow palette is one that just a lovely, lovely grungy color story, with a great formula that I just love. I can’t wait to reach for it again this fall. It has just the right tones and I love the greens in this palette. I would have liked another shimmer in this and it is a shame that the two mustards are so similar. I feel one is a bit deeper which you can see on my skin tone but if you are much deeper I don’t think it will make much of a difference.

Would I recommend the Juvia’s Place The Nomad eyeshadow palette?

I for sure would! This is such a lovely palette and I already mentioned I find it a shame that is overlooked. It is affordable, has great quality and it just tickles that itch for a good grungy fall palette. If ABH’s Subculture is still something you’d like to try or if the Melt Gemini palette is just too expensive for you: try this one. It has outstanding shimmers, some interesting mattes and as you can see all the shades play together so so well. I think this is one that all lovers of grungy tones should have in their collection.

What is your favorite grungy color story?
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