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natascha denona diamond glow mini review swatch makeup look pale skin fair skin

Glowy cheeks: my discovery of 2019 and still going strong in 2020 is my love for all things shimmery on the cheeks. Sure I love a good matte blush till this day, but especially in the summer time a good glowy blush is just lovely. So I decided to buy the Natascha Denona Diamond Glow mini duo to try her cheek products and this is of course super glowy. I was just very curious and thought that this way I could just give the formula a try.

Review: Natascha Denona Diamond Glow Blush & Highlighter duo mini

I bought this from Sephora in the US but a quick Google search taught me that not only is this still available, it is pretty much available from every retailer that stocks the brand. So that is great because that means this is fairly easy to access. Of course where I live, The Netherlands, the brand is not being sold so I have to look to foreign retailers to get my hands on anything. In any case, this retails for €18.45, which for this brand is quite ‘affordable’. You do only get 4 grams of product in here though so that is not a whole lot.

What does this blush/ highlighter duo have to offer?

natascha denona diamond glow mini review swatch makeup look pale skin fair skin

This mini features two Natascha Denona cheek products: a highlighter and a blush. Apparently these are minis of two shades from the ND Diamond & Blush face palette. So for me that is great, because I had been contemplating quite seriously whether I should try one of the brand’s cheek palette. However, knowing how often I use cheek products made me realize that it wouldn’t be worth it in the end. A mini duo like this thought: that is something I can manage and get some good use out of.

What are the blush and highlighter like?

natascha denona diamond glow mini review swatch makeup look pale skin fair skin

So the highlighter in this compact is the Diamond Powder from the Diamond & Blush palette. I had heard some people raving about it, but also heard people saying this was quite glittery. And while I like a bit of shimmer, I do not always like a bunch of glitter on my face. So I was a bit nervous about this one. The blush is a pretty one that is called Duo Glow so I think this is supposed to be a kind of duochrome. And it is: it is a pink with a gold shift. It has a strong shine but nothing as glittery as the Diamond Powder. However, for me, where the power lies in this product is combining the two products into one. So I just like dipping my brush into both and apply that to my cheeks.

What does this product swatch like?

natascha denona diamond glow mini review swatch makeup look pale skin fair skin

The highlighter on the left is described as having a glass like finish. While it looks quite glittery in the pan you can also see what that mean: it has a translucent luminosity to it that works very well if you have fair skin. It is quite white and therefore perhaps not the best for darker skin tones. The blush has a pink but with a strong golden reflect to it. It goes on super shiny in a finger swatch but I find the effect to be lots more subtle on the cheeks.

How does this product apply?

natascha denona diamond glow mini review swatch makeup look pale skin fair skin

I think these pictures show you quite well what these products do. As you can see the highlighter is laying a bit on my skin and you can clearly see the glitter particles laying on top. The blush shade is pretty but I feel it is far less glowy on the cheeks than in a full on swatch. And that’s where the issue lies for me with this product. I have been using this on and off in the past month and to be quite honest I don’t see much of a difference after I put this on. I can literally pile this on and I still don’t feel like I see much of the product end up on my face, let alone as prettily as the swatches show.

My Final Thoughts

natascha denona diamond glow mini review swatch makeup look pale skin fair skin

The Natascha Denona Diamond Glow duo mini was a great way of trying the brand’s face products, but I am glad I only committed to the mini rather than a full face palette. While this is pretty and the swatches are out of this world gorgeous, I feel it just doesn’t do enough for my face at the end of the day. Splurging on a full size face palette would therefore not be worth it for me. Maybe I should try some other brushes to make this work better but for now this was a bit of a let down for me.

Would I recommend the Natascha Denona Diamond Glow mini duo?

To be fair, I think there are better cheek products on the market at a much more affordable price point than this. This is lovely and it has a unique texture but if I can’t get that texture and loveliness to show up on my skin I don’t feel it is worth it. I truly feel I get a better result from my €3 Essence highlighter than I get with this. Sometimes, more expensive simply does not mean better. If this is a product that you love and works for you than please know that I don’t think this is a bad product per se. I just don’t think it is for me or my makeup tastes.

What is your experience with Natascha Denona cheek products?

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