Catrice True Skin foundation review

catrice true skin foundation review swatch 002 neutral ivory fair skin makeup look application

You know I will be all over that thing when Catrice launches a new foundation. Generally I like their foundations but their more popular ranges are aimed at normal to oily skin types which means they aren’t great for me. I have lots of reviews up with many of the different foundations that have come out over the years, but my favorite till this day has to be the by now discontinued HD Liquid Radiance foundation. However I also quite enjoyed their more recent Clean ID BB Cream which I tried over the summer period. Let’s see how the True Skin works now that I have tried it every day for more than a week.

Review: Catrice True Skin Hydrating Foundation 002 Neutral Ivory

The Catrice True Skin foundation is one with a lot of promises. The price point is of course on point as is always the case with Catrice products: just €6.99 is what this puppy will cost you. Catrice isn’t a brand known for its shade range but this is available in 21 shades in total. You may have to go online for that though. Here in The Netherlands the shades available have been slimmed down drastically as we only get a whooping 6 shades: all of them super light. When will Catrice learn? They have 21 shades but then don’t make them widely available: what’s up with that?

What does this foundation have to offer?

catrice true skin foundation review swatch 002 neutral ivory fair skin makeup look application

So I said this comes with claims, let’s go over them. This is supposed to be a lightweight, hydrating foundation with hyaluronic acid and watermelon seed extract. It should combat redness and smooth out your skin tone evenly while giving a radiant matte finish. Coverage should be medium to buildable full coverage while not looking makeuppy and cakey and feeling comfortable on the skin. Which claims does this foundation make good on? Definitely on the comfort, finish and coverage. Not so much on the hydrating and natural looking finish.

How does this foundation swatch?

catrice true skin foundation review swatch 002 neutral ivory fair skin makeup look application

Let’s look at a hand swatch first. While that doesn’t tell the whole story it can be helpful to clearly show you the texture and blendability of this foundation. With this, a little goes a long way: this is a very pigmented foundation. It is very watery but due to the high pigmentation you only need a little bit. The pump is a bit annoying to use and gets stuck quite often and it is difficult to push it all the way down. Once blended in you can see this foundation has some luminosity to it, but when fully blended into the skin I don’t really like the way it sits on my skin. It emphasizes lines and it is a foundation that is difficult to get to look fully even: it shows brush and sponge marks and emphasizes texture very quickly.

What does this foundation look like on the skin?

catrice true skin foundation review swatch 002 neutral ivory fair skin makeup look application

Apart from a swatch, we of course need to see what the coverage is actually like. With just 3/4 of a pump I am able to cover my entire face. As you can see I have quite a bit of redness in my skin and the foundation has no issues covering that up. It is very lightweight and blendable but it takes a bit of effort to get this foundation to look smooth and even on the skin. I do find that well-moisturized skin is needed if you have dry skin like mine to make this foundation look good. It looks best on very plump looking skin: I don’t think this foundation is as hydrating as it claims to be.

What is the shade match like?

catrice true skin foundation review swatch 002 neutral ivory fair skin makeup look application

The shade I bought is 002 Neutral Ivory. When I bought this, there were no swatches out anywhere so it was a complete gamble. I think the shade is just a touch or 2 too light for me. This will be a great winter time shade for me though. And while too light, with the rest of my makeup done and some bronzer blended down my neck this really doesn’t look too bad. I have been mainly wearing high neck sweaters the past two weeks so it’s not as if you can truly tell where my foundation ends. Also, my neck has been a bit splotchy and red looking as I have a bit of a skin issue ever since lockdown started. So it is not fully the foundation’s fault.

My final thoughts

catrice true skin foundation review swatch 002 neutral ivory fair skin makeup look application

The Catrice True Skin foundation is one I really wanted to love, but alas: it is not my favorite. Is it a good foundation? I think this is nice for people with normal to oily skin, but for my dry skin this just isn’t great. Especially in this final picture I feel you can see the makeup sitting on my nose and my chin more than I would want and this is also where the foundation has trouble staying put. It is almost as if it doesn’t want to stick down in some areas of my face. In the end it is longwearing enough: I can wear this all day and then head to the gym wearing this and it wears down okay. It doesn’t fully survive a sweaty workout class though and I have had this foundation pulling into all the lines of my face on the days where I decided to keep it on for the testing of this foundation.

Would I recommend the Catrice True Skin foundation?

This is a difficult question for me to answer. Because while this is an okay foundation, I don’t think it is anything revolutionary. It just doesn’t suit my skin type all that grant: if this would have been a less mattifying foundation and more hydrating this could have looked lovely on my skin. However, Catrice has a tendency to cater to normal to oily skin mostly with their foundation ranges and so I could have known this would not be the best for me. I will just be sticking to my HD Radiant Liquid for now. However, if you are looking for an affordable foundation this could be nice if your skin is much oilier than mine. That said, though with just 6 shades available in some places, it may be difficult to find your shade.

What is the last disappointing item you tried?

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  1. Esther M says:

    Such a shame it doesn’t work for you escpecially as this is supposed to be hydrating.
    I was so impressed by how the Zieva one looked on you, that I ordered it together with some sale items over the weekend.

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Oeh let me know how you get on with that? I much prefer the Zoeva over this one.

  2. Cherry says:

    Do you think is that shade 002 cool/rosy, warm/yellow or like really natural undertone?

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      I find it leans more yellow toned but it is not as yellow toned as a true warm toned foundation. So I would say it is generally neutral leaning.

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