Catrice True Skin concealer review

catrice true skin concealer 002 neutral ivory review swatch makeup look application

We’re keeping the Catrice reviews coming this week (I hope you don’t mind!) so today we are continuing on with the new True Skin concealer. Because it only makes sense that after reviewing the foundation earlier this week, to go on with the concealer in the same line. I wore this for over a week on a daily basis for 8 – 12 hours a day and so I now have a good feel for how this concealer performs.

Review: Catrice True Skin concealer 002 Neutral Ivory

So this concealer is part of the new Catrice True Skin line that had me super exciting. Sadly the foundation didn’t end up beating my all time favorite Catrice foundation and also this concealer has not made it to my top favorites list. Its price point is not the issue: this concealer retails for €3.99 and is therefore super affordable. There are 15 shades in total, but like with the foundation, only a handful of shades are available where I live. In The Netherlands only 5 shades are available in stores, so again you’d have to go online to find any of the deeper shades.

What does this concealer have to offer?

Like the foundation, this concealer comes with a bunch of claims. This is supposed to be high coverage concealer that is comfortable that is moisturizing and won’t settle into lines. It should be long-lasting, cover dark circles easily and have a soft matte finish. This is quite true apart from the ‘does not pull into lines’ claim. I like the doe foot this has too! It is a bit wider and makes it super easy to cover a large area in one go. This is one of those concealers that I think can work very well to cover large areas of the face if you don’t want to wear foundation and just want to go for something quick and easy.

What does this concealer swatch like?

I think that you can kind of guess how I feel about this concealer based on this swatch. The pigmentation is on point: a little goes a long way and you are very capable of covering everything you need covering. The concealer feels good on the skin, but for my skin type which is more dry and dehyrdated, this is just too matte and therefore drying. You can kind of see this on the back of my hand already: the concealer has an almost powdery finish once blended in and that never really looks great on me. What I do appreciate about this concealer is the shade: this is a bit more yellow toned and it is darker than the foundation (despite the shade names being identical) and I find that helps the performance of the product.

How does this concealer apply?

If you weren’t convinced yet that this concealer isn’t the best for dry skin types, you can see what this looks like on my under eye. Above is my eye without any product. Then we have the concealer going on, and then we have it blended out. You can see where the concealer latches on to drier areas quite easily. Additionally this concealer ended up pulling into the lines around my eyes very easily. It emphasizes my crows feet as well as the lines under my eye. I can easily blend them in again with a finger, but this concealer just isn’t very long lasting on me.

My final thoughts

Whenever Catrice launches new based products I always want to try them, but alas the new True Skin line is not one that is right for me. The concealer is too dry and emphasizes texture like there is no tomorrow. I like the shade this has and wished that the foundation would be this exact shade. This looks okay going on at first, but up close and after a few hours of wear this easily breaks up and it is not worth it for me.

Would I recommend the Catrice True Skin concealer?

Alas, I think I feel even more strongly about the concealer than I do about the foundation. I think if you are much younger than me that this might work. But if your skin is dry and/ or if you have more mature skin I would recommend you stay away from this. Add to that the very limited shade range that is available, despite Catrice creating many more shades and that makes this concealer not worth it to me. Better luck next release Catrice!

What do you think of the Catrice True Skin concealer?
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