Catrice Vintage Soul Pro Slim eyeshadow palette review

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Are we sick of the Catrice reviews yet? I am not, so I hope you are not either. Because today I have another one for you. Say hello to the brand new Vintage Soul eyeshadow palette by the brand. Part of their Pro Slim line which launched earlier in the year and which already came out in a warm toned and a rosy toned version, Catrice has done it again and has come out with a cool toned version. Well, cool toned? Partly at least. Let’s see how I got on with the Pro Slim Vintage Soul eyeshadow palette.

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Ta-dah! Yes Catrice has finally done it: make an eyeshadow palette that is not only of good quality and affordable to boot, but also an interesting more unique color story that doesn’t dupe anything that is already on the market. Sure, this has shades that can be found in other palettes. Do I spot some ABH Soft Glam inspired shades? Are there shades here that look like they were taking from ABH’s Sultry? Do I see a bit of overlap with the plums and roses in my new Lorac Pro 4? Sure thing, but I don’t think there is a palette out there yet that has come out with such an interesting blend of shades. All that at just €9.89 a pop!

What does this palette have to offer?

The Catrice Pro Slim Vintage Soul palette was one that intrigued me straight away. It has cool tones, rosy tones and then a touch of warmth with some reds and bronzes. In total you get 14 pans of eyeshadow of which 8 are matte and 6 are shimmer. The shimmers have different textures with the ‘flaky’ shades being more intense than the straight up shimmers and metallics. This means you can easily make some versatile looks. Another thing this palette has going for it? The range of depth and dimension. Yes there are plenty of light shades here but also some deeper ones that can help to create a more glam look.

What is the color story like?

As mentioned this palette looks like ABH Soft Glam and Sultry went and had a baby with a bit of Huda Beauty New Nude and some plums thrown in the mix. The result? A stunning neutral palette that is right up my fair, neutral skin tone’s street. Will this be the palette for you if you have a very deep, warm skin tone? Perhaps no, but this is great if you are looking for a more unique palette at the drugstore. The range of looks you can do with this is tremendous as you can stick to the different color schemes you find in here and go for an all rosy, all plum, all warm, or all cool toned look, or you can have a play around and mix and match accordingly.

What does the palette swatch like?

Like the first Pro Slim palette I tried, this one does not disappoint in a finger swatch. I think it may even swatch better than what these shades look like in the pan. They certainly don’t look as light as they seem in the palette that’s for sure. For instance the matte gray in the top row looks like it is a great mid tone grey that can work as a crease shade and the two light toned mattes in the bottom left corner both look very distinct on my skin. The plum looks dark and intense as do the black, red and rosy tones. The shimmer all pack a punch: especially the ones in the bottom row. That grey tones shimmer called Moon Dust just takes the cake and reminds me a lot of the grungy silver in the ABH Sultry palette.

2 Looks, 1 Palette

As per usual, I don’t review a palette unless I have tried every single shade to really get a feel for every formula. These shades blend well, build up nicely and truly pack a punch. At this price point this is some of the best eyeshadow I’ve tried. If you like a more powdery formula in line with ABH and Lorac, you will like this! The mattes feel buttery and smooth and the shimmers go on like a dream. I do use a bit of finger action and for full intensity I would recommend foiling them as well.

Look 1: rosy but neutral

For the first look I decided to play it safe and work with shades that I know would look good together. I used the red, the plum and the rosy tones to create a rosy, warm toned look. I used Blossom all over the lid and Fantasy on the lower lash line. I used Crimson in the crease and used Peony to blend it out. Then a dash of Amethyst in the outer V to smokey it out. Et voilá: all in all a basic look that is great for everyday.

Look 2: icy neutrals

This is a neutral palette after all so everything we will get from the palette will be a neutral look. This time I went for the grey tones in the palette and the black. The black I used as liner. That stunning lid shade? A combination of Moon Stone all over with a bit of Garden dabbed onto the middle of the lid. As you can see a sultry, smokey eye but with a twist: these greys have a bit of a green undertone to them making them super flattering and anything but boring or ashy.

My Final Thoughts

I think the new Catrice Vintage Soul eyeshadow palette is one that can appeal to many people. It looks very light in the pan, but once these shades go on the eye is when they truly come to life. There is enough variety here to create a multitude of looks and the slim packaging design makes this great for lugging around for the Holidays (if we get to go anywhere that is!). Another thing I really like about this palette is that it leans more cool toned: it effectively only has two real warm toned shades (Fantasy & Crimson). The rosy tones in the palette pull either warm toned or cool toned depending on what you pair them with and I like how you get 3 good deeper tones that aren’t browns that really tie the palette together.

Would I recommend the Catrice Pro Slim Vintage Soul eyeshadow palette?

Wholeheartedly: yes! I have not been this excited about Catrice eyeshadows in a long time. They have really upped their game this time and I feel that between this and the new 5 in a Box mini palettes, that they are doing a great job offering something unique to the drugstore eyeshadow landscape. I am super chuffed with these and I think the Vintage Soul palette would be a great addition to anyone’s eyeshadow collection. Can’t go wrong with this one!

What do you think of the new Catrice Pro Slim Vintage Soul palette?
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