Zoeva Authentik Skin concealer review

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When I bought the Zoeva Authentik Skin foundation, I also put the concealer in my order. Why? Because I thought they could be a nice combo. The foundation was a great success for me: it was hydrating, made my skin look flawless, yet wasn’t cakey or heavy at all. That is why I was curious to find out if I would feel the same way about the concealer. After trying the Catrice True Skin concealer, I was really hoping this product would work for me.

Review: Zoeva Authentik Skin concealer 010 Absolute

Zoeva tends to be a brand that is on the affordable side of things, but not as cheap as drugstore. Their concealer retails for €16 which isn’t super cheap but also not super expensive. It comes in a whopping 30 shades, all of which are available on their website. Their website ships internationally and is probably your best bet for buying products. While the brand is available in stores here, they only tend to stock the bestsellers and anything new can take a while before it gets put in stores. Since this concealer was a 2020 release, I am sure it won’t be available beyond the website any time soon.

What does this concealer have to offer?

I personally love a more hydrating concealer, but one that doesn’t crease. One of my all time favorite concealers is the Make Up Revolution Conceal & Define but I do think this could be giving that a run for its money. I love that because it is cheap, gets the job done and looks natural on the skin. This concealer is the same: it is natural on the skin, very hydrating and it does a great job concealing what needs to be concealed. In fact, I feel this concealer is what makes the Catrice True Skin foundation look a million times better on my skin.

The Zoeva Authentik Skin concealer promises a medium coverage with a creamy texture and the nourishing and hydrating properties of rosehip oil. It should give a naturally radiant finish that blurs fine lines and does not emphasize texture. It comes in plenty of shades so you can also use this product as a cream contour and highlighter if you wish and you can use it anywhere on the face. However, the shade and coverage of the concealer should allow you to also lift up the under eye area and make your eyes look less tired.

How does the concealer swatch?

This concealer is one that is almost wet: that’s how dewy this is. The texture is very pleasant, easy to blend out and very lightweight. I do set this with powder, because it remains a bit sticky if you don’t. The shade I went for is the lightest shade available: 010 Absolute. This shade is described as a concealer for fair skin with neutral undertones, which is why I picked it. It is a touch light for me at the moment but with concealer I usually don’t mind that much as I mainly use it on the high points of my face and therefore this acts a bit as a highlighter.

How does this concealer apply?

As you can see this concealer looks very natural on the skin. It is never too much, blends in seamlessly and is easy to use. I experience a little bit of creasing with this after a few hours, but the concealer is very easy to tap into any lines and still looks okay. It doesn’t break up or starts to look dry at all. So while it creases a little bit I don’t find it annoying with this concealer at all.

My final thoughts

What do I think of the Zoeva Authentik Skin concealer? This is a great everyday concealer for people with dry skin. It comes in a myriad of shades which is great and the website also lists the darkest shades first, which is a plus point when it comes to inclusivity. It is natural, easy to use and just works very very well. It may not be the best in terms of longevity, but I prefer a concealer that remains looking dewy and natural over something very matte: those never look right on me.

Would I recommend the ZOEVA Authentik Skin concealer?

This is a lovely concealer for everyday use. Since it is not the most high duty concealer this may not work for people with oily skin or if you have a special occasion where your makeup simply needs to stay put all day. However, if you are like me and you love a concealer that has a dewy texture that makes your skin look flawless for hours on end then this is a great one to try.

What do you think of the Zoeva Authentik Skin concealer?
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