Blush Collection Tag

blush collection tag

Time for another tag! Today we are doing the Blush Collection Tag. Inspired by the Eyeshadow Palette Tag, I thought this could be fun. Next month I hope to be able to show you my entire blush collection! So this could be a nice ‘warm up’ leading up to that December that should be up some time in December. At least I hope so!

Tag Tuesday // Blush Collection Tag

Prompts & reviews:

What is your favorite blush formula?

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  1. It’s a good time for you to talk blush, since I’m still looking for a favorite one! I love theBalm’s formula on Hot Mama (good shimmery color too), I like Tarte’s Natural Beauty a lot and I really like Juvia’s place blush palette (especially the color “Bee”) But the problem is they all fade on me because they are powders. So, I’ve recently tried Milk’s cream blush in “Werk”. Great color for me, and it looks natural on, but it’s impossible to blend without a lot of work. I have super sensitive skin so cream blush is almost asking for a break-out. I’m still not giving up on cream blush, though. I want to try Winky Lux’s new “Cheeky Rose” blush. It’s carved in the shape of a rose! Almost too pretty to use! I’m hoping it will be easier to blend than Milk’s and maybe it won’t break me out.

    • I think you may really like the Instain blushes if you can still find them. Those are the longest lasting blushes in my collection. Those really don’t fade. I spotted those Winkylux blushes and think they look very pretty but I just don’t like cream blush.

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