Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous foundation review

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A few months ago I tried the Zoeva Authentik Skin foundation, which I loved. A foundation that is often compared to? The Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous foundation and that I hadn’t yet tried. I had spotted it and ALMOST bought it during my New York City trip last year. At that time, I decided to try the Fenty Pro Filt’r hydrating foundation instead of this one because I thought this felt weirdly gel like. Flash forward to a year later and I still couldn’t get this foundation out of my mind. So I had a giftcard and got this foundation with 25% off. Let’s see how we get on.

Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous foundation 130 N

This foundation has a different price point depending on where you get it. I have found this on US websites for around the €40 mark, but over here it retails at €48.99 full price. That’s why I waited until I had a coupon to get some money off, because that mark up is just ridiculous. Then again, that’s what happens to lots of ABH products over here, but I think it is good to know that this foundation can get quite expensive depending on where and when you purchase this foundation.

What does this foundation have to offer?

This foundation is promoted as a hydrating, luminous foundation. It is supposed to have a medium coverage with a natural finish. It is gluten free, longwearing and suitable for senstive skin. It comes in 50 shades and the line is divided into warm, cool and neutral undertones. I purchased shade 130 N which is described as perfect for fair skin tones with a pink leaning neutral undertone. The shade range was a touch confusing and I could only find this foundation online as there is no store near me that carries this. So I went out on a bit of a limb.

What is the packaging like?

The packaging of this foundation feels very luxury but sadly I am a bit disappointed with the pump which is why I want to highlight this topic. The bottle is made of glass and feels very luxurious. The outer box is nice and shiny and thus this foundation has all the looks and feels of a high end foundation. That was until I started pumping this foundation out. The pump gets stuck the minute I press it. I am not sure what is going on, but the pump feels cheap and not like it will last that long. Luckily with this foundation I don’t need too much to be able to use it, so it’s not a huge deal but with a foundation this expensive I want everything to be perfect. I hope mine is just a fluke and it’s not a regular thing.

What does this foundation swatch like?

Packaging gripes aside, what really matter is what this foundation does when you apply it to the skin. In this swatch you can see what the texture is like. It is a very lightweight foundation. I wouldn’t call this foundation a medium coverage, but more like a light to buildable medium coverage. You can also clearly see here that it is has a very gel like texture. It is very shiny at first but once blended out, what is left is a pretty, natural glow.

What is the coverage like?

One thing I love about this foundation is how little of it I need to cover my full face. I use less than a full pump and that is what makes for the best result. As you can see in this before and after picture, this foundation covers everything it needs to cover and still looks natural on the skin. It has a very pretty finish and the wear time on this is great too. It stays on, even when you work out.

What is the shade match like?

In the pictures above, this foundation may look a bit too light for me. In fact, when you see this against my jawline you can see that it is a perfect match for this time of the year. 130 N is a banger of a shade match: it’s been a while since I have found a foundation with such a perfect shade match for me. Combined with the natural finish this gives, this foundation is undetectable on my skin.

My final thoughts

My overall thoughts on the Anastasia Luminous foundation is that I really like this foundation. Do I like it better that the Zoeva? I may find this just a bit more perfect. The only thing that doesn’t really work for me with this is the pump and that is just a minor minor detail. The foundation itself is one of the best ones I have tried all year but I have yet to put this side by side with the Zoeva. My plan is to do that in December in a video where I will be wearing both foundations side by side and put them to the test.

Would I recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous foundation?

If you are feeling boujee and you want to splurge on a great foundation than the ABH Luminous foundation is a really really nice one. It is better than the Fenty for sure, but it doesn’t quite beat my favorite luxury foundation which would be the YSL All Hours. This has a very similar texture though and no matter where you live, this is still less expensive than the YSL. If you have dry skin and you are looking for a good hydrating foundation, then I do recommend this.

What is the last foundation that surprised you?
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