Colourpop Making Mauves eyeshadow palette review

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Surprise!! Since I was unable to get a video up yesterday, I decided to post an extra review this week. So I hope you enjoy a bit of extra content on here. Today we are having a closer look at one of Colourpop’s most exciting releases of 2020: the Making Mauves eyeshadow palette. Of course, I mean exciting to me, because we all know how much I love a good mauve blush/ shadow. So when I saw this being released, I knew I wanted to try it. These are my full thoughts.

Review: Colourpop Making Mauves eyeshadow palette

As I always mention with Colourpop: yes, they are affordable but how affordable they are depends on your preference (how much are you willing to spend) and where you live (if you are in the US the brand is far more affordable). Colourpop is currently best accessed through their official website if you are a global shopper. That of course means that you may have to deal with shipping and handling fees and possibly also customs. So bear that in mind when you decide to shop with them. It is advisable to do the match before you place an order. That said, at only $14 for this palette at full price it is a little bit more expensive than most Colourpop 9-pan palettes, but it is still a fair price for the quality you get.

What does this palette have to offer?

What this palette has to offer is 9 shades of mauve, plain and simple. It is leaning a bit warm toned when it comes to mauves. Mauve can either be cool or warm and I also feel this palette is perhaps not as deep and therefore versatile as I’d like it to be. It has some stunning shades though and for a 9 pan I think it is fairly well curated. However, as you will see in the look I created below, the palette could do with one shades that is a bit deeper than the deepest shade you get in here now.

What is the color story like?

In terms of matte to shimmer ratio, the colors you get in here favor mattes over shimmers. I feel that two shades Tongue Tied and Solitaire are very similar to each other. It would have been lovely if those could have been a different shade. It is also these two shades that give the palette its warm undertone. Additionally Tongue Tied is pressed a little strangely in my particular palette and I have had the powder spilling all over the pan by now, staining the cardboard packaging. Where it is at for me is with the three shimmers. One of these shimmers is a supershock shadow (Mauve on Top) and the other two are Colourpop’s regular shimmer formula. All three are lovely and I also really love Big Fig: that is a stunning crease/ transition shade.

What does the palette swatch like?

As I have no issues with Colourpop’s eyeshadow formula, this one is really pretty. The matte blend beautifully and the shimmers are stunning. I just wish the palette would leave out those three very light shades: they barely show up on my skin tone and that is not good as I am super fair. So if these shades are already too light for me, who will they be right for then? In short, good quality palette, but the shade selection makes this palette a bit of a one trick pony.

What does this palette look like on the eye?

I was perfectly capable of creating an eye look with this palette. It is stunning, but I have a few issues with it. The supershock is all over the lid and I love it: it looked better in real life than it does in these pictures. The deepest shade is used as liner and I feel that’s all it can do really: it doesn’t really go with too many of the very light shades this palette has to offer. Additionally I felt that many of the other mattes kind of blended away into nothing as they are so similar. So while this is a pretty look for everyday, I don’t see how I can create a more glam look with this as the shades are just a bit too close together to really make this stand out.

My final thoughts

This is not the mauve palette of my dreams (I have yet to find it!), but the Colourpop Making Mauves palette has a few really great shades that I know I will go back to time and time again. That supershock shadow is just to die for and I also love Big Fig for that nice mauve toned transition shade. Will I reach for this again? I think I might! However, I also own the Colourpop Flutter By palette, which I have yet to review on this space. I am simply trying to not review all of my Colourpop stuff in one go, but I actually think that if I were to join up the Making Mauves with the Flutter By palette that I will have a stunning 12-pan mauve palette that can do it all.

BTW: in case you are wondering, I did NOT purchase the new Menage a Muah palette that released for the Colourpop Holiday collection. That seems to be much deeper than this, but I felt I needed to cap my influx of mauve toned palettes and I believe that palette has 2 pressed glitters, which I am not a fan of.

Would I recommend the Colourpop Making Mauves eyeshadow palette?

I really wanted to love this palette, but save for 3 – 4 shades in this palette I don’t think it is anything special. As I mentioned I am planning on deconstructing this and joining it with my Flutter By shades eventually. I think that way I can create the perfect mauve toned eyeshadow palette myself. For now, this has good quality and if you like warm toned mauves, this may be just for you. However, I find it goes a bit too samey samey in some of the lighter matte shades for this to be the mauve palette of my dreams.

What is your favorite mauve toned eyeshadow palette?
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