Melt Amor Eterno Muerte eyeshadow palette review

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Talking about being late to the party, but I have decided to focus not so much on hot and new makeup this December, but to go over products I have not yet reviewed but that I do really love. My biggest backlogged category? Eyeshadow palettes. I try to consistently review one eyeshadow palette a week and I am always behind. So I figured this month we can still look at some older products that aren’t new to me and in the case of today’s review, has already been discontinued. However, I love the Melt Muerte eyeshadow palette so much that I still want to give it a dedicated review.

Review: Melt Amor Eterno Limited Edition Muerte eyeshadow palette

2019 was the year of Melt Cosmetics for me. I bought this palette and fell head over heels in love. I went from owning just 2 stacks, to owning 4 stacks, three palettes and I have another 2 palettes on the way from the Black Friday sales this year. So yeah, Melt has wormed its way into my one of my favorite eyeshadow brands. And this palette was the culprit that instigate that love train. Melt is not cheap. This palette retailed for around the €50 mark depending on where you found it. The brighter twin to this palette, the Vida palette is still listed on Beauty Bay and the official Melt website at $58, but is currently out of stock

What does this palette have to offer?

If you know anything about me, then you’ll know I am not someone to immediately purchase a product as it is launched. I like to wait for reviews and products being out a little bit longer before I purchase. But this one I snatched up the minute it launched. The color story instantly appealed to me. So I knew I wanted this the minute it was announced. It was interesting, it was different and it was by a brand that I knew could do good quality shadow having already tried some of their stacks.

What is the color story like?

So what is the color story like if it was so revolutionary to me? This palette has a bunch of colors that no one previously put together. What it is, is greens, blues and reds with a champagne gold. There are only three shimmers (like, who am I?) and everything else in this 10 pan palette is a matte. There are some lighter, brighter shades, but also deeper, grungier shades. And that is what this palette is to me: a perfect, grungy palette. I mean it even has a teal! So you know I had to try it.

What does this palette swatch like?

As you can see the swatches for these shades are bang on. Melt does great shadow and these finger swatches are showcasing that greatly. Of course a shadow is not only as good as its finger swatch, but these shades blend well while being superpigmented. Is this a great beginner palette? No. If you have never practiced blending, this palette may be a bridge to far for you. But if you have okay makeup skills then you can pull some stunning looks out of this.

2 looks, 1 palette

I love doing looks with my palettes for reviews in which I have used all shades. So between the two looks featured here, I have used all 10 shades. I did a look featuring the blues and greens and one featuring the reds.

Look 1: blue/ green

We’re kicking things off with my favorite look of the two and my main reason of why I was drawn into this palette. The blues and greens in this palette are insane. That navy shimmer? So good. The way they play off each other makes for a stunning green/ blue look that is smokey yet vibrant at the same time. I used the navy shimmer all over the lid and put the teal in the and matte navy in the crease. I also put the navy matte on the lower lash line and used the matte mint green to frame the entire look, finishing it with the green shimmer in the inner corner.

Look 2: reds

The part of the palette I was the least sure of: the reds. Red eyeshadow can be difficult as they can easily make you look sickly. However, I found these reds to work much better than I had expected. The reason? They are infused with a wine like quality. The deepest red matte is more like a merlot color rather than a red. The brightest matte red I used to blend out the crease and as you can see you can easily sheer it out into something far less intense. The result: a smokey red eye that is anything but standard.

My final thoughts

I hope this review shows you why the Melt Muerte eyeshadow palette made it into my top 15 all-time favorite eyeshadow palettes. The quality is out of the world amazing, the color story is one of the most unique ones to have come out in recent years. Even though this is no longer available I think it does show how good Melt shadows are. It’s why I placed an order for some more during Black Friday and I can’t wait to try those. Let’s hope I get to reviewing them before the brand takes them off the makeup though.

Would I recommend the Melt Muerte eyeshadow palette?

I would if I could. But since you can no longer buy this, I will not recommend this. It is not worth getting makeup on Ebay as that means there is always a mark up and Melt palettes aren’t cheap to begin with. So no, don’t hunt this down if you missed out. But you could check out the brand and see if any of the still available palettes is up your street.

What do you think of this palette?
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